Wednesday, 13 June 2018

History week - Escape from the Tower (Year)

Year 3 enjoyed their trip to the Tower of London and learning all about John Gerrard's escape as part of History week.

They particularly enjoyed looking at the historic 'Graffiti' written on the Salt Towers prison walls. They were inspired to create some of their own art work.

We also studied 'Banksy' and the children had a fabulous debate about whether his work should be considered art or vandalism. What do you think?

We then created some artwork using his style as inspiration.

We then decided to make some maps to help John Gerrard plan his escape.

First we wrote some secret codes

Then we looked at OS symbols used on maps.

Next, we created some of our own symbols to use on our maps.

 Finally we got to make our escape maps using coordinates and grid references.