Tuesday, 19 March 2019

2NL - Maths puzzles

2NL thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle workshop as part of maths week.

2NL - Class Assembly

2NL based their assembly on reducing, reusing and recycling.

There was even some parent participation.

They also sang the 'Recycle Rap' 

I was really proud of how all the children learnt their lines and had lovely loud, clear voices - well done!

3AK - Maths, Making 3D Shapes!

In Maths, we used polydron to make a range of pyramids and prisms.

Reception Green Class - Science week

Science Week - Slippery slopes

In this activity, children compare the journey of water, washing up liquid and crazy foam as they move down the slopes. 

Which one will be the fastest and how will they move?

We talked about -
  • What do you think will happen?
  • Which liquid moves down the ramp the fastest?
  • Which is the slowest?
  • When it is steeper, does it go quicker or slower or not make a difference?

Vocabulary used - thick, sticky, slippery, slow and fast.

The water was the fastest.
The washing up liquid was slow.
The crazy foam moved when the slope became steeper.

Star of the week - 18/03/19

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week!

Monday, 18 March 2019

Year 1MS- Maths Workshop

As part of Maths week, year 1 took part in an exciting workshop which tested our shape skills!

We were given a selection of shapes and a picture. We had to use the shapes to create the given picture. The children worked very well in their groups, especially when the pictures and challenges got trickier!

Year 1MS - Holi

As Holi marks the start of spring, year 1 got creative in their R.E lesson to mark the occasion.

We spoke about how trees change from winter to spring and how colourful and amazing Holi looks!

We wanted to combine both the amazing colours of Holi and the change in trees during spring so we tried finger painting to create some colourful trees!

Year 6TS - Viking homework

As part of their topic homework Year 6 made some excellent Viking Longboats!

WOW some super homework! Well done all!

Congratulation to our class winners....

Gianluca & Darsie 

Friday, 15 March 2019

4JI Electricity Experiments!

Using bulbs, batteries and crocodile clips, the children were experimenting with how electrical currents flow, and how circuits work. We all really enjoyed watching the bulbs light up when the crocodile clips were connected to the batteries, and we experimented with different complete and incomplete circuits to see if they would work!