Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Nursery Powder paint fun! - Holi Festival

Powder paint fun to celebrate Holi Festival

Last week, nursery children were introduced to the Holi Festival (Festival of colours). We used our imaginations and pretended to take the colours from the images displayed in our outdoor learning environment and had a colour celebration using our imaginations.

Today, we refreshed our memory of the special Hindu Celebration and had our own mini Holi Festival throwing colourful powder paints on the floor.

'Happy Holi-day Festival!!!` - Erin and Sofia  

Then... it started snowing heavily so we had to cease our celebration but.... when it stopped, a few of us got to go back outside in the snow and celebrate again with lots and lots of colours!

Happy Holi Festival!!
(March 1st, 2018)

Thursday, 22 February 2018

5AK - History, Anglo- Saxon Runes!

As part of our Anglo- Saxon topic, we learnt how decipher Anglo- Saxon Runes (that's the equivalent of our Latin based alphabet).

UKS2 - PSHE- Gangs Workshop

As part of PSHE, we had a police officer come in and give a talk about the dangers of gangs.

5AK - Sanders Transition Workshop

Today, we were invited to Sanders to take part in an English based, Transition Workshop. We learnt about describing different islands. We had a great time!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

3NL- Cubism

To follow on from drawing portraits in the style of Picasso, we decided to study cubism in more detail and produce some of our own fabulous pictures, in this style, using oil pastels.

First we drew our abstract shapes,

Then we began the process of colouring them in and blending...

We were very proud of our finished products!

Year 1MS - Not so Random acts of Kindness!

To celebrate Random acts of Kindness day, year 1 decided to be not so random and actually thank some special people in our school.

Year 1 made thank you cards for their RML teachers (LSAs) and presented them at the start of the lesson.

The LSAs were definitely surprised but very happy with the kind gesture!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Year 1- Dogs Trust Visit

For our new Science topic, Animals including Humans, Year 1 had a special visit from Dogs Trust.

We learned a lot from the visit such as how to approach dogs safely and how to care for a dog.

Thank you Maria! Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed the visit! 

Maria showed us the 3 steps when approaching an unknown dog.

Maria showed us some dog's toys!

Do you know to pick up dog's mess?

Maria showed us how to brush a dog, the special brush used and how often we should brush and walk a dog. 

We also learned about the importance of taking a dog to the vet!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

3NL - Pancake Day!

On the last day of Half Term - 3NL learnt about the tradition of Pancake Day.

However, before the children could enjoy the pancakes, Mrs Lacey had been up till late cooking the previous night, they had to solve the Maths challenge of who had ruined the recipe!

There was some good teamwork going on and eventually the culprit was identified!

The children were then able to enjoy the pancakes....

3NL - Which Mediterranean contry would you choose to visit?

In class the children chose a Mediterranean country to research.

Then for homework
 the class were set the task of creating a poster to encourage tourists to visit their country of choice using lots of persuasive language.

Some colourful artwork and informative posters were produced.

Whilst others chose to use ICT to create their posters...

I was blown away again by the effort and work of all those involved - keep up the good work!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Year 4TS -Boudicca News reports

Breaking news... Year 4TS have turned into news reporters and are reporting some very significant news about Queen Boudicca. Watch to find out more!

Year 4TS - Boudicca, Boudicca, Boudicca

As part of our learning about the Romans, we have learnt all about the Celtic Queen Boudicca and her rebellion against the Romans.

In Topic we made wanted posters.

In literacy we became journalists and wrote a news report about the revolt.

In art we use a collage technique to create a picture of Boudicca appearing out of the flames.

Finally we reported on Boudicca's death as news reporters. (please see other blog)

Friday, 9 February 2018

Year 4TS - Pancake day / Shrove Tuesday

In RE this week we learnt about why we celebrate pancake day. We learnt about the Christians traditions of Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent. We discussed something we may give up for lent. Are you giving up something this lent?

We made delicious pancakes and we really enjoyed eating them!



Nursery and Pre Nursery - Chinese New Year food tastings and activities

Nursery/Pre nursery – Chinese New Year food tastings and CNY activities.

This week Nursery class engaged in a few food tastings of Chinese products including shrimp crackers, chrysanthemum tea and vegetable dumplings. The shrimp cracker was no doubt the most popular product of our Chinese food tasting where almost every child expressed interest to try it. Children were also really interested in the chrysanthemum flower tea and again we had a huge interest in wanting to taste it however although about half of those who tried it enjoyed it, the other half did not quite fancy it. Surprisingly many children refused to try the dumplings but of those who did try, most of them seemed to really enjoy it.


Shrimp cracker tasting…

Alfie – ‘tastes beautiful’

Ayman – ‘it is sweet’

Ellis - ‘tastes like croissant’

Joshua – ‘tastes like crisps’

Ronnie – ‘tastes like chips. Taste nice’

Summer – ‘delicious’

Chrysanthemum flower tea tasting…

Angela – ‘Yummy because its got flower in it’

Danny - ‘Smells like flowers’

Emilia – ‘Make me have big muscles’

Moses – ‘It taste of apples’


Dumpling tasting…

Aariel – ‘Good. Its got rice in it’

Erin - ‘tastes like cheese’

Jake – ‘Smells like fruit’

Joseph N – ‘Smells like chicken eggs’

Reuben – I like the inside bits’

Tomiwa – ‘It tastes peppery’


Along with Pre-Nursery, children worked together in a team to move around like dragons.

Pre nursery children demonstrated amazing chopstick skills in tasting various Chinese foods including noodles and crackers.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

3NL - Success!

Congratulations to the following children who achieved 24/24 in their spellings this week.

Further congratulations to the children who have achieved success at Planet Maths!

And a BIG Well done to Tilly who received a HeadTeachers award this week!