Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Year 3 Mayan Workshop

The Mysterious Mayans visit Year 3
 On Tuesday the 13th of January Year 3 took part in a Mayan workshop lead by Holly from the Unravelling History Company. The children experienced what life was life for the average Mayan person nearly 2000 years ago. The children got to experience making cloth, having to spin wool and cotton threads to then weave them on looms. We got to learn about Mayan writing, which was one of the early forms of pictoral writing known and we even learned how to write Mayan numbers. It was an information and fun filled morning which we all enjoyed.
Children learning how to play the game Borr using maize and counters
                   The children learned how to weave using traditional looms called back looms which are still used in Central America today.

We made clay pots and spun wool and
                  cotton thread

Friday, 9 January 2015

Choir - December 2014

We just wanted to say how proud we were of all of the children who attended Music for Christmas with the Havering Singers on Saturday 20th December.  They were amazing!!

Thank you for all turning up for rehearsal and the performance on time and for being very smart and an ambassador for our School. 

We have received letters from the Havering singers to say thank you and how excellent we were.

We hope that you enjoyed the night as much as we did.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Year 4 - Roman Invasion!

As part of the History topic on Romans, Year 4 were 'invaded' by Year 3!
There was a mixed response from the children in Year 4 when the Year 3 class unexpectedly walked into the class and demanded it was their own!
The purpose of the 'invasion' was for children to experience what it feels like to be invaded as thousands of years ago, Britain was invaded by the Romans. Therefore, the Year 4 class were the Britain's and the Year 3 class were the Romans.

Year 1 and 2 - Barleylands Trip

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic time at Barleylands. They listened and participated in a range of exciting activities relating to farming in the past. They had the opportunity to bake bread and make butter. Also they enjoyed a very cold and bumpy ride on the farm tractor and enjoyed feeding the animals. At the end of the day children were given an annual pass to visit Barleylands during the year.


Year 5 - We are live and kicking in cyberspace, this is what we did in the Autumn term!

At the beginning of the Autumn Term we went to The National Portrait Gallery where we saw St. Michael’s Triumphant over the Devil.

We were inspired to create some Andy Warhol versions of the Berjemo painting.
 We created these!
 For the rest of our topic work we were learning about ‘Why is Brazil in The news Again?’

We closely followed the Brazilian election where Dilma Rousseff was elected President.
We discovered, all about Brazilian fruits such Guarana, which is in energy drinks and cacao which is what chocolate is made from!


 We created posters for Fair Trade. Be SURE to check for this symbol when you do your shopping!

Back in England, we were studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Did you know Shakespeare invented all of these words and more?
accommodation   ·  aerial
amazement   ·  apostrophe
assassination     ·  auspicious
suspicious            ·  hurry
bloody   ·  impartial
bump     ·  castigate
changeful   ·  road
control (noun)     ·  countless
courtship   ·  critic
critical     ·  dexterously
dishearten   ·  dislocate
dwindle     ·  eventful
exposure               ·  fitful
frugal     ·  generous
gloomy     ·  gnarled
We visited the third Globe theatre ever built.

The first one was made of wood and burnt down, after a canon going off started a fire, in a performance of Henry VIII. 3000 people were watching the performance and no-one died even though there was only one exit.

The second Globe theatre that was built had a slate roof but was abandoned.

The third Globe theatre was built in 1997, with a thatch roof and a wooden frame.

We were shown around by an actor called Fergal.

Fergal showed us around the Globe theatre and we even went back stage!

We gave our first performance at the Globe!
We were acting out parts in Macbeth such as the witches.

We found out that Sir Isaac Newton was the first person to find out about gravity.

The Parliament Theatre Group came in and talked to us about the suffragette movement in the 1920’s.
Women weren’t always allowed to vote, suffragettes were sometimes put in a cage, and if they refused to eat they were force fed by putting a tube down their throat.
For homework we found out about the Houses of Parliament as part of our new Gunpowder, Treason and Plot topic.

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament but he got caught and beheaded, that’s why we celebrate Bonfire night.

In P.E we have learnt about throwing a javelin…
and how to run a baton relay.

We have learnt about creation stories and about evolution in R.E.

KS1 Maths Pioneers

KS1 Maths Club
A fresh and innovative club starting in January to trial an engaging game based approach to maths assesment.
What is it?
 Children will be challenged and 'pitted' against each other to answer on multiplication, addition and subtraction of increasing difficulty. They can decide between easy or difficult questions with  students being rewarded for answering the more difficult worksheets.
Teacher made to meet the new curriculum!    
The paper based game has been designed by Mr Pawley based on the New National Maths Curriculum and set to meet the Assessment Principles set by the government. The game scales with the end of year targets from Year 1 to Year 4 and aims to provide an innovative method of assessment that children will enjoy.
Who is it for?
 Year 1 and 2 students willing to test their maths ability. Only a select few will be chosen!
When is it?
 Twice a week; once at Wednesday lunchtime and once after school, the day will be decided after the students have been chosen depending on when they are available.
Children will be asked the week starting 5th January if they are interested and the club will start within the next 2 weeks. Please see Mr Pawley for more information.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Year 6 Trip to the Houses of Parliament!

Year 6 are looking forward to an exciting visit to the Houses of Parliament!

We will be visiting the seat of power to see how the country is run, explore the Palace of Westminster, learn about the history of Parliament and the art and architecture of the buildings which have come to be so recognised.

The trip will run on Tuesday 27 January 2014. Children will need to bring weather-appropriate clothing and a packed lunch. They will not need to bring money with them.

There will be a small charge for this trip; details will follow. We will be leaving school at approximately 08:45 and returning by 15:00.

Mrs Blake and Mr Morell.