Friday, 29 September 2017

5AK - D.T. - Macmillan Coffee Morning Prep!

We've made some delightful fairy cakes in preparation for the Macmillan Coffee Morning. See you there!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

3NL - Emotions

In class today we were looking at different colours representing different emotions. We then painted a colour wheel using our handprints.

We had lots of angry, furious, scared, joyful, delighted and worried children!

Can you guess who was feeling what emotion?

3NL - Star Spellers

Congratulations to al the children in 3NL who achieved 15/15 this week in their spellings!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

3NL - Star Writers

As a class we have been studying all of the different emotions portrayed by the characters in the 'Take One Picture.' So for this week the class had to write a poem describing an emotion.

Congratulations to Cara, Joshua and Mason who are our star writers!


Happy is bright yellow
It tastes like bright pink candy.
Happy smells like melting marshmallows
And it looks like a rainbow blooming from the sky.
Happy sounds like loud laughter
It feels like a warm sunny day.

By Joshua


Anger is dark black...
It tastes like sweet revenge
It also smells like boiling blood.
Anger tasters like darkness oozing from the sky
It sounds like a killer robot screaming
It feels like someone has back stabbed you.

By Mason


Love is full of rainbows and bright yellow and red.
It looks like chocolate hearts falling from the sky. The sky is as bright as the sun.
The taste is like melted marshmallows and pink candy floss.
It sounds like birds chirping and the grass swaying.
Happy smells of scrumptious sweets and loving lollipops.

By Cara

1MS - Maths

To practise counting to 20, the children were given a number from 1 to 20. They had to create a 'snake' using the number of cubes given on their sheet.

Miss Shah was very impressed with the counting!

5AK - World Car Free Day!

In order to promote World Car Free Day, we designed some posters!

5AK - Science - Drop It, Like It's Hot!

As part of our forces topic, we investigated whether an object's weight affects how fast it falls.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

5AK - Art - Start The Print Run!

As part of our Take One Picture topic, we used 'An Experiment on a Bird in a Air Pump' as an inspiration for our very own prints!

5AK - Maths - Sorting 3D Shapes!

Today in Maths, we sorting out a range of 3D shapes using Venn diagrams.

Friday, 15 September 2017

3NL Star Spellers!

Congratulations to all the children who achieved 15/15 in their spellings this week.

Keep up the good work!

Y5/6 - Bikeability!

This week, we have been honing our cycling skills by having two Cycle Confident team members come along and teach us what we need to know!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Netball - Year 6 vs the parents / Rewards evening.

In July, at the end of our netball season, the Year 6 netball team invited / challenged their parents to one final match.

Before the match

We were really lucky to have so many wonderful parents rise to the challenge and it was a fantastic game. The parents played extremely well and it was a very close game, however the Year 6 skill shone and the final score was 4-3 to Year 6.


After the match

After the match we had some pizza and had our end of year rewards.
Well done to all our year 6s. Here are some of the rewards we gave out:

Coaches player :- Ruby
Most improved: Rocco
Players player:- Reece
Parents player:- Reece
Player of the year:- Megan 


We are going to miss our Year 6 netballers and we hope they continue to play but we are looking forward to the new year ahead!

If you would like to come to netball club it will be on
Thursday - yr5 and yr6

Friday - yr3 and yr4

Please come along, we can't wait to see you there!

Mrs Lacey & Miss Staples

Reading Road & Bug club!

Have you been reading at home? Have you been on bug club? Have you signed your reading diary?

That's fantastic! You are well on your way to moving around the reading road.

The Suttons Primary Reading Road is a reading reward for children reading at home.

Every class from Year 1 - Year 6 will have a reading road in their classroom. Every time you read five times at home you get to move around it! If you reach the gold trophy visit Miss Staples on a Monday lunchtime and she will give you your reward! Last year we gave away over 50 new books as reading road prizes.

At the end of the year if you have moved around a significant amount of times you will be invited to a reward afternoon.

Here are some pictures of reward afternoon last year.

Bug club

We are really lucky to be subscribed to an amazing reading service called bug club! On bug club there are some excellent books to read as well as bug club points to earn and interactive games.

This term teachers will be checking weekly to see who has read on bug club. If you read on bug club you will receive a star for each day you have read. Please remember to write this in your reading record so it can count towards the reading road!
Image result for bug club

 Go to to log on!

Your bug club log in details will be given to you by your child's teacher.

If there are any questions regarding the reading road or bug club please do not hesitate to ask!

Kind Regards,

Miss Staples

Spider spellings

Spider spellings will continue this academic year! All classes from year 1- 6 will be taking part.

 Dates for autumn assessments are:

Autumn 1 - Tuesday 3rd October

Autumn 2 - Tuesday 14th November

  Please find all the awards on our school website...

If you are uncertain what award your child is currently on please ask your child's class teacher.


Congratulations to Rianna Sood who completed the entire spider spelling challenge in July when she was only in Year 4!!!
What an amazing achievement!!
Her name is now inscribed on the spider spelling trophy which is displayed proudly in school!!

Is your name going to be on there next?

If you have any questions about the spider spelling challenge please do not hesitate to ask!

Miss Staples

Rianna Sood - Year 4 - First person to complete spider spellings.

3NL - Star Writer !

Well done to Nana and Ava who are the Star Writers this week in year 3.
They both included lots of adverbs of time and fabulous adjectives.

Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Year 4TS - Golden rules - Mannaquin challenge

We have had an excellent first day in Year 4TS.

As a class we looked and discussed our golden rules, what these mean and what they might look like in our school.   We made a mannequin challenge video to show what our golden rules might look like in our classroom.