Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Baking Christmas brownies in Reception

In Reception, yellow class and green class have been baking with Miss Sacco. We baked brownies and cut them into triangle shapes. We then decorated them using different coloured icing and sprinkles to make them look like Christmas trees. They tasted delicious! Well done Reception!

2NL - Star Acheivers

Congratulations to the following children who completed Planet Maths this week - well done!

(including Ananya)

Further congratulations to our Star Spellers - great work!

Monday, 17 December 2018

More Year 6 Science!

As we continue our topic of 'Animals Including Humans', we have designed and carried out an experiment!

We wanted to look at lung capacity - we wondered if taller people have bigger lung capacity.

We decided that we could find this out by measuring or chest size before breathing in, and then after we had filled our lungs as much as possible!

Most of us predicted that the taller members of the class would have the biggest lung capacity; however, our results indicated that height does not have an affect on lung capacity.

We wondered what else might affect it - did the people with the biggest lung capacity play sport more often?

Can you suggest any reasons?

2NL - Pottery

Last week, Year 2NL had a fabulous trip to Sanders to make some pottery pots.
We learnt lots of different skills before making our final pot.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

2NL & 1MS - Xmas performance

The children from 2NL & 1MS did themselves proud this week with a fabulous, fun, upbeat Nativity.

We were blown away by their singing, costumes, acting skills and loud, clear voices.

 Thank you to all the parents for their support in providing some lovely costumes.
Also for practising with their children to ensure they knew their lines.

2NL & 2DK

To finish off our science unit on 'Keeping Healthy' the children designed and made their own healthy sandwiches. They tried to ensure they included all of the food groups they had learnt about.

First they had to do some tasting to decide which was their favourite bread.
They had to look out for the smell, taste, and texture.

Then they tasted various fillings.
After all of the tasting they designed their sandwiches.
Before making them.

Finally they got to eat them at their end of Topic Coronation Party!

Reading record breakers

We have had around 150 children who have been reading a significant amount of times at home and have become a Reading Record Breaker! Well done!

We would love to see all of the children become reading record breakers so please keep reading at home and signing your reading records.

If you break a reading record you are entered into a prize draw to win a book!

Here are some of the children who have won prizes so far this year!

Guinness World Record

I am really excited to announce that we have been successful in our application to attempt to break our very own Guinness World Record. Next year Suttons Primary will attempt to break the record for: Most pairs reading aloud to each other in a one sentence alternating relay. 
This is very exciting and more details will follow next year. Hopefully Suttons Primary will officially be World Record Breakers!

Big Write of the Month - November/December

Congratulations to the children chosen as Big writers of the month! Well done!

Star of the week - 10/12/18

Congratulations to the children who were chosen by their teacher as star of the week!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Year 6 Science!

In our Science topic this half-term (Animals Including Humans), we have been learning about how the human body works.

We have learned about the 'double circulation' system within our bodies, and also that it was British scientist William Harvey who made the discovery that the heart pumps blood around the blood vessels, including arteries, veins and capillaries. Previously, people had thought that blood was continuously produced by the liver, but through his experiments Harvey was about to ascertain that the same blood goes round our bodies repeatedly...

We simulated the circulatory system in one lesson, showing how blood takes oxygen from the lungs around the body, and in return brings carbon dioxide (which is a waste product of the body) back to the lungs to be expelled as we breathe out.