Thursday, 29 March 2018

Easter Bonnet assembly

We were blown away by all the Easter Bonnets we saw in school today. We belive we had over 100! We saw some amazing creations. Mrs Ryan and Mrs Audritt had a very difficult decision to chose a boy and girl winner from each class.


Well done to our winners and to everyone for their amazing efforts.

Reception Blue

Winner boy - George
Winner girl - Selin

Reception Red

Winner boy - Archie D
Winner girl - Elina


Year 1MS

Winner girl - Ananya
Winner boy - Aaron

Year 1HM

Winner girl - Ava
Winner boy - Jack

Year 2

Winner girl - Ellie-Mae
Winner Boy - Michael O


 Year 3

Winner boy - Immanuel
Winner girl - Cara


Year 4TS

Winner girl - Elsie
Winner boy - Tolga

Year 4JI

Winner boy - Ollie
Winner girl - Gemma

 Year 5AK

Winner boy - Teddie
Winner girl - Ella

Year 5GP

Winner girl - Leona
Winner boy - Gianluca

Year 6

Winner boy - Ronnie
Winner girl - Baylie


Winner - Miss Shah
Runner up - Mrs Korobin

Thanks you to our two wonderful judges.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Nursery and Pre-Nursery Easter Bonnet and activities

Getting ready for our combined Nursery/Pre-nursery Easter parade.

Judging time........

Well Done to everyone who participated!
Everybody was a winner!!!
Don't we all look AMAZING?

Fun Easter activities!

We engaged our fine motor and gross motor skills through balancing an egg on a spoon while zigzagging through the cones and learned to take turns.

And decorated Easter biscuits which we enjoyed in class. :):)

4JI Easter Egg Hunt

Following the children 's fantastically creative Easter Bonnets (congratulations to Gemma and Ollie who won in assembly today) 4JI embarked on an Easter Egg Hunt!

The children were split into groups and each given a clue. The first letter of all the clues they solved helped to unscramble a location where the Easter Eggs were hidden! The children enjoyed this immensely and then got to enjoy an Easter Party! 

Reception Blue class - Easter bonnet parade

Easter bonnet parade.


The winners were George and Selin.

Well done Blue Class. All of your Easter bonnets looked amazing.

Reception Blue class - Making chocolate cornflake nests.

Blue Class liked making chocolate cornflake nests.

What happened to the chocolate ?

The children mixed the cornflakes into the chocolate ready to put into the cases. The chocolate cornflake nests were decorated with a chick and chocolate eggs.


We hope you enjoy your chocolate cornflake nests and Happy Easter.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Reception - World Book Day.

As part of World Book Day and Sports Relief we dressed up as our favourite characters and helped raise money for charity too!

Monday, 26 March 2018

5AK -Yoga!

These are some of the pictures from our yoga day. Did you know that yoga means connect?