Sunday, 26 January 2014

Learning About Disability - JustDifferent come to Suttons Primary School

Children and staff from Suttons Primary School in Hornchurch, Essex are set to find out more about disability and difference when they spend two days (27th & 28th January 2014) with JustDifferent, a charity which aims to increase understanding about disability and difference.

JustDifferent will run a series of interactive workshops at the school which have been carefully designed for children between the ages of 5 & 9 years. The workshops will include real life story telling, using wheelchairs, quizzes and a question and answer session.

The workshops will be led by Owen Griffiths who has had cerebral palsy since shortly after birth. He is unable to walk and uses a powered wheelchair to get around. Owens speech has also been affected however he is able to live independently and is a huge sports fan.
Owen said: “We know that the earlier children and young people learn about disability and difference, the more likely they are to accept people like me, as they get older. We aim to create better understanding of disability issues, give children and young people the chance to ask questions about disability –and have fun!”

JustDifferent works in both primary and secondary schools and over the last year has run more than 949 workshops reaching over 27,664 children and young people across the country.