Friday, 22 June 2018

Summer Fair!

Help Needed!
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We urgently need parent helpers for the school summer fair next Friday (28th June). We particularly need helpers who are free from 1pm onwards to help set up the stalls and other activities.

If you have some free time and are willing to help, please come and see Mrs Lacey, Monday morning, where year 3/4 line up.

Year 1MS - Shape Hunt!

Year 1 recapped over their knowledge of 3D shapes.

Do you know what a cube is? A cylinder? A sphere?

We put our knowledge to the test by hunting for these 3D shapes in the playground. The children searched very well and were able to find examples of the different 3D shapes.

More scienece week activties (Year 3)

As part of science week, Year 3 also went exploring around the school grounds looking for different types of soil.

 We then returned to class and tested their permeability.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Nursery and Pre-Nursery Sports Day

Yesterday Nursery and Pre-Nursery children had a great time participating in their Sports Day. They really impressed their teachers and family members who came to watch with their amazing efforts.

There were 5 stations with different activities including....

Balancing beanbag on the head...

Cone race...

Egg and spoon race...

Jumping/mini hurdle...

and target throwing...

Then they showed off their ability to move about freely with some running and skipping races!

And finally a parade to acknowledge their supporters followed by a cooling treat in class.

Reception Sports Day !

Sports Day !

Our annual sports day took place on Wednesday 20th June.

The children and staff enjoyed the day.