Friday, 22 January 2016

Year 2- 2D shape week

This week in Miss Staples Maths class children have been learning all about 2D shapes.
We have learnt:
The names and properties of 2D shapes.
  Regular and irregular shapes.
Properties of quadrilaterals.
Right angles.
Using Carroll diagrams to sort 2D shapes.
We have done lots of exciting shape activities throughout the week.
Did you hear or see our shape conga?
Rhombus, Rhombus, Rombus!

Year 3AK Computing - Videos

In computing we have been practising filming and commentating on different sporting events, take a look at some of our standing long jump videos!


Year 3AK - Unicorn Theatre Minotaur Workshop!

Today the Unicorn Theatre came in and did an acting workshop to help extend our understanding of the Greek myth of the minotaur.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Year 3AK Maths

During our Maths' session we use kinaesthetic learning to help us remember key concepts, such as the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines in shapes!  We also used fun resources such as polydrons.  
Can you name the shapes on the tables?

Year 3AK Ancient Greek Workshop!

In the afternoon we were transported back to Ancient Greece, where we learnt about the difference between myth, fables and legends plus performed a play!

Year 3AK Dodgeball!

No it's not Dodgeball the film, but the fun sport! As part of the Havering Sports' Collective, we gain access to specialist coaches, here are just some of the photos we took during our one hour session.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Year 5’s Science at Sanders!

Year 5’s Science at Sanders!

Before Christmas, Year 5’s science lesson took place in the laboratories at Sanders Secondary School! Mrs Leppard at Sanders was kind enough to teach 5PM.

Our topic in Science lessons in the Autumn half-term was materials and their properties, and when we got to the lab, we discovered that we would be learning about reversible and irreversible changes.

The very first thing we discussed was safety; it is vital to be safe in a science laboratory, and we immediately put on safety goggles. Next, Mrs Leppard demonstrated what happens when you burn magnesium – it burns with an extremely bright flame!

Next, we had a safety talk; we made sure we knew how to use our equipment safely and sensibly, and what our tasks were going to be. We were going to be observing the effects of heating and burning materials.

First, we heated ice, and the result was that it melted! Eventually, after the ice turned to water, it evaporated as steam. This a reversible change, as you can always cool water vapour down again and make it water, and in turn you can cool it even further to turn it into ice.

Next, we burned a wooden splint, which turned into gas and charcoal; this is an irreversible change, as you can’t turn the charcoal and gas back into wood!

Finally, we melted chocolate. This was another reversible change, as heated chocolate becomes liquid, but you can cool it down and make it a solid again.

We had a really exciting time working in a real laboratory, and are very much looking to returning!

Year 5's Visit to the Globe Theatre!

Year 5 Tour the Globe!

In the Autumn term, Year 5 visited the world-famous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London!

We arrived on a cloudy but warm Monday morning, raring to go! We met our guide, Scott, for the day, who quickly told us a barrage of facts about where the original Globe was built and why it was moved. Once we walked inside, we had a good look around the theatre. The first thing that struck us as we walked into the theatre was that it has no roof! This is because the Globe is a reconstruction of a theatre built about 400 years ago; the original theatre had no roof so that daylight could get in and you could see what was happening. As there were no electric lights back then, it would have been dangerous and expensive to light the building with candles.

We also noticed that the seats stopped some way short of the front of the stage and learned that this is because some people buy less expensive tickets and stand to watch plays.

We then had a good look at the stage: it is beautiful! The roof is painted with the sun, moon and an array of angels. Scott, explained that actors can even be lowered from the ceiling above the stage if necessary. Scott also said that any action that takes place that high up was taking place in the heavens, in a play. Therefore, the action on stage would be action on earth, and any character who appeared from underneath the stage, was coming up from Hell!

We thought that the character of Banquo from Macbeth, as a ghost, might come up from Hell, and we thought that the witches most definitely would!

Next, we got up onto the stage…

We wasted no time in jumping into the action, quickly rehearsing the famous, “Is this a dagger I see before me?” line from Macbeth! (Year 5 are Macbeth experts – we have been learning about it this half term, and we can tell you the plot, the settings, the main characters, and the motivation for their actions!)

We went backstage, and felt some of the excitement professional actors must feel getting ready to go onstage, then burst onto the stage to loudly exclaim our line!

Afterwards, we went to one of the Globe’s practice rooms, and went even further into character. We thought about how the Scots and the Norwegians would try and intimidate each other before battle, how the witches would move and look, and how Lady Macbeth feels about her husband, Macbeth.

After a quick lunch we headed back to school!