Tuesday, 31 October 2017

3NL - Scienece / Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

In science we have been investigating mirrors and reflection.
We undertook 3 different activities.
Activity 1- With a partner, mirror and torch we tried to trace a squiggly line.
Activity 2 - Using 2 mirrors we created a basic periscope to see over our chair.
Activity 3 - we wrote our names using a mirror, we were not allowed to look at the paper!

Big Write of the Month - October 2017

Congratulations to our big writers for the month of October:

Year 1MS - Arnav
Year 1HM-SP - Aela
Year 2DK - Tilly
Year 3NL - Ava
Year 4TS - Aikam
Year 4JI - Cerys
Year 5GP - Jadah
Year 5AK - Callum
Year 6 - Alex

Year 1

      Year 3
 Year 2

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Keep writing!

Monday, 30 October 2017

3NL Maths

In 3NL we have been learning about different types of angles...

3NL - RE Diwali

To celebrate the end of term and our RE topic,where we have been learning about Hinduism,3NL had a Diwali celebration!

First we set about getting rid of all the old and we gave the classroom a good 'Spring Clean.'

Next  the children brought special items from home which we used to create a class shrine encompassing all the senses.

Immanuel's mum had kindly made us some Indian sweets which we exchanged with each other ,
as is the Hindu custom,
to ensure we felt
sweet thoughts about each other.

Finally we used clay to design and create Diwali lamps.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Pen power - Autumn 1

Congratulations to all the children who are received a pen licence this term. Children are presenting their work beautifully.

Year 6 - Katherine, Kerion A, Riley, Connor, Lexi RT, Winnie, Alex, Danielle, Banji, Baylie, Amanda, Olivia N, Shayan

Year 5:- Chichi, Rianna, Henry B, Daniel C, Teddy, Oliver, Olivia, Leona, Aaliyah, Vashika, Kaylie, Jadah, Gianluca, Henry J, Georgia, Darcie, Sophia, Daniel B, Yasmeenah, Chazelle, Chloe, Kasey, Jake, Ella

Year 4:- Adam, Nikita, Kevin, Laura, George J, Rory, Oliver, Erin, Teddie, Hemanth, Kristupas, Lillie, Darcie, Libby, Elliott, Ruqayya, Aikam, Mason, Thiago, Lyndon

Year 3:- Sophie, Ava, Cara, Joshua, Emma

Year2: Kaif, Isabella

Every month there will be a fountain pen raffle, all the children who have received a pen licence will have the opportunity to win a fountain pen.

Congratulation to the two children who won this half term,
Baylie P - Year 6

Georgia H - Year 5AK


 It is so inspiring to see the children working hard to receive their pens.

 Keep up the good penmanship Suttons!

Miss Staples

Bug club - Autumn 1

Congratulations to everyone who has read on bug club this term half term!

These children have been reading the most in their classes this term and received a certificate in assembly and a book.

Year 1MS - Rayner
Year 1HM/SP - Mason
Year 2 - Michael O
Year 3NL - Dorin
Year 4TS - Karima
Year 4JI - Michael
Year 5AK - Fatima
Year 5GP- Alfie

Don't forget to read on bug club this half term!

Please note - if you are experiences difficulties logging on to bug club please ensure you are on the correct webpage.....  www.activelearnprimary.co.uk  sometimes refreshing the page helps to log on. If this is still not working please speak to myself or your class teacher.

Miss Staples

Year 4TS - Star spellers

Congratulations to our star spellers who got 24/24 this week.

Liilie, Hemanth, Karima, Anais and Elliott

Also well done to those children who correctly spelt 21, 22 or 23 words, therefore only getting 1, 2 or 3 incorrect! Great spelling!

Aikam, Darcie, Tolga, Mason, Morenike, Caroline, Kristupas, Sienna and Adam

Thursday, 19 October 2017

1MS - Science

Year 1 will be observing the seasonal changes on a tree.

The following picture is for autumn.

How will the tree look in winter?

1MS - Maths

The children had to search the classroom and find items shorter and longer than the 1 metre ruler.

(We wrote the names of the objects longer than 1 metre on posit it notes as we realised we couldn't fit very long items in our hoop!)

The children completed the task very well!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

4JI cityscapes!

In 4JI today, we created beautiful cityscapes using nothing but black paper, chalk and our own fingers!

As you can see the children worked extremely hard to create colourful pieces of work, they look fantastic! 

1MS - Computing

Year 1 came across some odd looking bees.

What were they?

The 'odd bees' were Beebots. The children had to input instructions into the Beebot in order for the Beebot to move.


Also, Miss Shah challenged the children to make the Beebot move towards and then touch a sharpener.

The children did exceptionally well and were very careful about the instructions they gave the Beebot. Well Done!

5AK -Science - Levers!

As part of our Forces topic we investigated levers, and the relationship between force, mass and distance!

Year 5 - Mr Barwick's Brazilian Adventures!

Yesterday afternoon, Mr Barwick came in and spoke to us about his experiences of Brazil. He told us some great facts and we were fascinated about the amount of coffee it produces, as well as how long it takes some goods to to arrive here (28 days by cargo ship) from Brazil.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Year 4TS - Take one picture

We looked at the picture - 'An experiment on a bird in an air pump' by Joesph Wright. 

We created freeze frames of the picture to help us understand more about the characters emotions.

 In art we drew different facial expressions. 

In DT we created bird cages...Don't they look amazing!

A video of our class art gallery. 

3NL - Topic 'Children should be seen and not heard!'

Great fun was had by all on the Victorian day to Colne Valley Railway.

We even got to meet Queen Victoria!

Big Write of the Month - September 2017

It's so wonderful to see such fantastic writing at the beginning of a new school year. Congratulations to our big writers of the month for September.

Year 1MS - Amelia
Year 1HM/SP - Demin
Year 2DK - Joesph 

Year 3NL - Sadie
Year 4TS - Morenike
Year 4JI - Chloe 

Year 5AK - Rianna
Year 5GP - Daniel Barnes
Year 6 - Lexi-Lola 

3NL - RE

In RE we have been looking at the Hindu celebration of Diwali.

Did you see the lovely Rangoli patterns we drew on the playground floor?