Thursday, 20 July 2017

4S- Castles

In history, Year 4 have been learning about the Normans.

We linked our history topic with D.T and created our own Motte and Bailey castles!

The were many steps in creating the castles and it definitely got fiddly at times. However, the children worked well to create the best castle they could!

Here are some of the castles!

Year 4- Maths

In Miss Shah's maths group, the children created their own maths story book.

The children chose either a well known story or created their own story but had to ensure there were maths questions on each page.

For example, Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  Humpty Dumpty sat on his wall at 9:25am. He fell off at 10:05am. How long had he been sitting on the wall?

The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their maths books!

4S- Sewing

As mentioned in a previous blog post, year 4 started to create their own version of a scene from the Bayeux Tapestry.

The children worked incredibly hard to sew their designs! Here are some of the creations.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Reception - Colchester Zoo!

Red and Blue class had a fantastic day at Colchester Zoo. The children liked feeding the giraffes and elephants!

PE - Sports Day!

We all had a fabulous day during Sports day!

Year 3 - Topic - Pizzeria!

To 'top off' our Mediterranean topic in style we made pizzas from scratch! They were delicious!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Year 2 - Topic - Africa Day

Africa Day!

This term in Year 2 children have been learning about Africa! On Friday we have had an African day! We made African food, performed some Africa dancing and some African singing with Mr Jones. We also made African mud huts using a weaving technique and designed and created African tribal masks.

What an exciting day we had!

Have a look at some of the fantastic learning we did!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

3NL - Star Writer

Caroline and Lillie were our star writers last week for writing a fabulous fairy tale using lots of adjective phrases and interesting language.

Well done!

4S- Sports Day

On Thursday 13th July, Suttons Primary held their annual Sports Day.

Here are some pictures from a few of the events!

Vortex Throw


Egg and Spoon Race

Hockey Dribbling

50m Sprint

Year 4 had a brilliant day and enjoyed each event.
 Thank you Mr Knight for organising a fun day!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Year 2 - Our school trip to Southend.

Last Thursday Year 2 went on a fantastic trip to Southend-on-sea.

First we travelled by train.

Next we went to the beach for our lunch.

Then we had a sandcastle competition.

After we went to Southend Aquarium.

We saw lots of different sea creatures: Sting-rays, penguins, otters and we even got to touch a starfish.

Finally we had delicious ice creams!!

What a fantastic day we had!!!

Year 2 - Quad kids

Last week 8 Year 2 children went to compete at quad kids at Hornchurch stadium. Each child took part in 4 events, sprint race, standing long jump, vortex throw and long distance run. All the children did really well and were excellent representatives of our school.


Year 2 girls - Rosie, Sophie, Delight and Tilly
Year 2 boys - Aidan, Mason, Nana, Albie

Whole school - Writing Showcase - Reading Picnic

Miss Staples was so inspired by the UFO landing on Monday that she set the whole school a challenge.

Each class had to write a creative story about the The Alien Invasion.

But it had to be a short story. Only 100 words!!! 

On Friday was the writing showcase.  Every class had to perform their stories and then were judged on their performances.

Judges were looking for a variety of things from the performance including: expression,  literally techniques and actions.

It was exciting, very exciting.

Our very gifted judging team had high expectations and were hard to impress.....

Judges: Mr Jones, Mrs Overton, Charlie Harding (yr6 school council) & Ella Hales (yr6 school council)

But each class tried their best.....

We saw some magnificent performances....

Year 3NL

Year 4DK

Year 4MS

Year 5

Year 2

Year 1

After each class performed the scores were added up and it was very close.....

But the results were in...

In 3rd place

Year 4MS

In 2nd place

Year 2

In 1st place and the only class to score 10!!!

Year 1

Well done Year 1!

I hope you enjoy your new notebooks and pens.

Winning scores!!!!

A fantastic showcase!
Outstanding writing and performances from everyone!

After the showcase the whole school went onto the field and enjoyed a reading picnic. Thank you to everyone who came and the year 6s who helped run the event.

Whole School - Manners Matter!

Teachers across the whole school having been looking for children who have improved their manners.
Congratulations to the winners who received a certificate and prize in assembly. We are very proud of them all, keep up the good work.

4S- Athletics

Year 4 have been preparing for sports day by practicing the various athletics events!

Running (Hurdles)



4S- Temptation...

Eve was tempted to eat the apple of the tree of knowledge. How would year 4 react to a similar situation?

At the start of the day, Miss Shah laid out a can of coke and a cake accompanied by the sign 'DO NOT TOUCH'.
What would the children do or say?

Miss Shah was very surprised that the children didn't say anything about the items but very impressed that they followed the sign.

Last lesson for our R.E lesson we discussed the story of Adam and Eve. Miss Shah explained how she was trying to tempt the children and was pleased that they have respected Miss Shah's properties and have demonstrated good manners!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Whole school - English - Something strange happened at Suttons Primary!

Have you heard? Last week something very strange happened at Suttons Primary. Mr Gentle arrived in school on Monday morning to find some very peculiar items on the KS2 field. The police were called and then the S>P>I>T team were brought in (Special Paranormal Investigation Team). It was believed that an alien had landed in the school.  Special detective D.BRAY arrived and the investigation began.

When the children of Suttons Primary arrived at school that morning they were able to visit the landing sight and started to help the S>P>I>T investigator. Many of the children reported that they heard strange noises and saw strange things the night before!

Currently the S>P>I>T team are still investigating the matter but are very grateful to all the children who helped us in the investigation .

Here are some photos from Monday 3rd July when then items were found...

Letters received from the Police and S>P>I>T team.

Our students were very good at investigating and looking for clues.