Thursday, 30 November 2017

Year 4 - Our school trip to the London Eye.

On Tuesday Year 4TS and Year 4JI visited the London Eye!
In topic we have been finding out, Why is London such a cool place to live? We were certainly able to understand why London is such a popular destination!

We had a such fantastic day, have a look at some of the pictures from our trip!

Year 4 JI

Year 4TS



7 days until the book fair!!

Don't miss the fabulous school book fair which will begin on Thursday 7th December. It's only one week away!!!!!

Not only will you have the opportunity to buy some fantastic books but you are also helping our school. Every book you buy, the school gets one free!! 
These new books will be used for an outdoor library at lunchtime!! How exciting!

So please come and visit the book fair...It starts next Thursday 7th December and ends on Wednesday 13th. It will be open every evening at 3pm in the school hall!!!!

Reading Road

Keep reading at home and signing your diaries, it has wonderful to see so many more children visiting me and receiving their awards for reading at home. 
Remember - if you have been to see me for the reading road your name will be entered into a raffle to receive a £5 voucher for the book fair!

Monday, 27 November 2017

4JI Homework

For homework over the half term in Year 4, we researched different cities and produced some incredibly informative and creative projects. 

The children were very proud of their accomplishments and read some of their facts aloud to the class.

Friday, 24 November 2017

3NL Science - Float my Boat!

In the book we have been reading for Geography week, 'The Matchbox Diaries,' the grandfather sails on a boat from Italy to Ellis Island in America.

In science we are studying forces. Therefore we decided to investigate floating by building our own tin foil boats and loading them with pennies until they sunk!

First, we designed and made our boats.

We even threw in some maths and measured the length, width and depth of our boats in cm.

After that we made a prediction.

Then we tested our boats.

Finally, we recorded our answers.

Reception had learnt about our fun investigation and they paid a visit to find out what we were learning about.

They had some great questions to ask...

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Reading Road / Book fair

Have you been reading at home? Have you been signing your diary? Have you moved around the reading road? Have you got to the gold trophy?

If you have come and visit Miss Staples on a Monday lunchtime and receive your prize. Yes you get prizes for reading!!!!

If you have been around the reading road once you will receive a bookmark!

If you have been around the reading road twice you will receive your very own BOOK!

3rd time - bookmark

4th time - BOOK!

and so on.....

Book fair

This year Suttons we will be holding a fabulous book fair where you can come and buy some brilliant books!!! It will be arriving on the 7th December and will be here until 13th December!

We are giving away have FIVE £5 vouchers for you to spend at the book fair! If you have been to see Miss Staples for the reading road your name will be entered into this raffle and you could WIN one of there £5 vouchers!

So please keep reading at home, signing your diary and if you visit Miss Staples on a MONDAY LUNCHTIME!!!

Here are some of the children who have been to visit Miss Staples to receive their reading road prize:



Happy reading!

P.S - Don't forget to read on bugclub!

Miss Staples


Spider spellings - November 2017

Congratulations to all the children who moved on spider spellings this term!!
Well done if you were very close and only got one or two incorrect! What an amazing achievement!



Super Spellers!


Congratulations to our two SUPER spellers who passed queen bee award and have now completed the entire spider spelling challenge!!! They will receive a medal and certificate in assembly and their names will be inscribed on our spider spelling trophy which you can find displayed in the corridor!

Oliver Burley - Year 5AK
Daniel Barnes - Year 5GP

What an outstanding achievement!

Monday, 20 November 2017

3NL - Sporty Forces

In science we are looking at different kinds of forces.
So, for PE we played the game 'Sporty Forces.'
The children had to mime their sport to gain a point . Further points could be gained by identifying all the different forces at work in their sport.

Can you guess the different sports being mimed....?

Friday, 17 November 2017

3NL - High Acheviers!

Star Spellers - congratulations!

Headteacher awards for Big Write - Congratulations!

Headteacher awards for Maths Work - Congratulations!

40/40 on the 3 x table challenge - Congratulations!

Moving on up at Planet Maths - Congratulations!

Keep up the good work!

3NL - Music Gamelan

We were visited by Havering Music School and taught to play some Indonesian instruments.
Sarah had been impressed with the lovely shadow theatres and puppets we had made. So she kindly brought in some Indonesian shadow puppets for us to look at.
They were amazing!

3NL - Maths What's the time Mr Wolf?!

In maths we have been learning to tell the time in 5 minute intervals!
We finished off the lesson by playing 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'

Children In Need 2017 - Spotacular!

At Suttons we raised an amazing £340.50 for Children in Need.  The children made a fantastic effort with their Spotacular outfits!