Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Google Visits Suttons!

This morning, the Key Stage 2 children of Suttons Primary School were lucky enough to have a visit from Google!

Jenny and Jenny came to speak to us about how to use the internet safely and become 'Internet Legends'!

We learned the following rules to follow when using the internet:
- Sharp: Be sharp and think before you share any information about yourself
- Alert: Check that you are looking at a real website or news report, before you trust it
- Secure: Protect your stuff! Use strong passwords, and never give them away
- Kind: Respect each other - don't post any comment that you wouldn't be prepared to somebody's face
- Brave: When in doubt, discuss - let a responsible adult know if you see unacceptable behaviour or comments online.

These rules help be Internet Legends, and we can use it safely!

Thank you again to Jenny and Jenny from Google for providing us with a memorable and useful assembly!