Wednesday, 26 September 2018

BMX experience

Yesterday, we were very lucky to have Mike, an ex professional BMX rider, visit our school. Mike lead an assembly for KS2 children where he talked about his past experiences as a professional BMX rider. 

Initially, Mike found BMX riding difficult however he explained how he approached each failure as an opportunity to learn (FLERN) and that was key to his success. 

 He even taught Mr Morell some tricks!

After Mike's inspiring assembly, the whole school was invited onto the playground to see Mike preform some of his amazing tricks. We were all amazed.

The he invited some brave teachers up to be part of his demonstration! Well done, Mr Bailey, Mrs Blake, Miss Shah, Mr Jones, Mr Morell and Mrs Barwick! 

In the afternoon, Year 5 and Year 6 were really lucky as they had a workshop with Mike where they were able to learn some of his tricks.  

Thank you for visiting our school and for all the unforgettable experiences!

2NL- Star Mathematicians!

Congratulations to the children who moved up on Planet Maths last week.

And further congratulations to those children who moved up today.

Keep up the good work!

3AK - English, Performing Poetry!

We're all poets and we do know it.

3AK - Bake Off!

Today, we would have received 29 Hollywood handshakes with our marvellous fairy cakes! See them in all their glory on Friday!

Star of the Week - WB 24/09/18

Congratulations to all our Stars of the Week!!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Year 1MS - Autumn

Our topic title is 'Where do the leaves go in winter?'

As part of our topic, we have been learning about what the trees will look like each season.

As we are entering Autumn, we discussed that the leaves should be red, orange, yellow or brown.
Will this be true for the trees in our playground?

Year 1 went on an 'autumn walk' to look at the trees and see if we can find any autumn leaves.

We discovered that many trees were still green as it is not officially autumn but we were very happy that we found many beautiful autumnal leaves!


We came back to class and done some sponge printing in autumnal colours! We placed a leaf in the middle of the page and sponged around the leaf with the autumnal colours.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Star of the week - wb 17/09/18

Congratulations to all the children who were chosen by their teacher to be Star of the Week.  

KS2 Jazz Festival

On Friday, children in Years 3,4,5 and 6 were treated to an amazing Jazz performance  by NYJO Jazz Messengers, organised by Havering Music school.

The children (and some staff) thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Thank you for visiting our school!

Year 2 - Keeping Healthy

In science, Year 2 have been learning about the different life stages humans go through. We have been investigating what we need to do to keep a baby healthy.

The children came up with some fabulous questions to ask Mrs Paget...

How did you feel when you first became a mother? - Arnav
Do you do any exercise with the baby?-  Lourdes
What type of food do you feed the baby? - Lissie
How often do you feed the baby? - Ehimare
What is it you love most about your baby? Sophia

Mrs Paget introduced Year 2 to Baby Ryan and told us all of the things she did to keep him healthy and answered all of our questions.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

3AK - Science - Bathing in our own reflective light!

In Science, we tested the reflective properties of different materials.