Monday, 18 November 2013

Anti-Bullying Week: 18th-22nd November

It’s Anti-Bullying week from 18th to 22nd November.

Mrs Blake is leading a project on ‘Behaviour and Anti-Bullying.’

Over the past two terms we have involved with Lesley, from the BYT drama group; she’s focused on leading sessions to help us ‘respect and get along with one another.’  As years two and four missed these sessions, Lesley will be back into school on Monday 25th November to work with them.
Part of this project involves us developing a ‘Suttons Primary School Anti-Bullying Charter’. We’ll begin by writing our own definition of what bullying means to us, and then each class will add a statement/piece of advice on how to deal with bullying. We’re publishing some ‘Living Posters’, which will show photographs of children in our school who exemplify our ethos of ‘working well together’.  These posters will be on display by the end of the month.
Part of the project will be led by Louise O’Connor, a specialist from the Behaviour Support Service. On Wednesday 20th November she will lead a practical session with some children so she can survey how they feel about ‘unfriendly behaviour’.  We are very keen to listen to parents’ views and would like to encourage you to come along to an Anti-Bullying Parents’ Forum led by Louise on Wednesday 20th November between 2 and 3pm in the school hall.  We are keen to hear your views.
We hope that by listening to parents, pupils and staff we can help to continue to promote respect, friendship and teamwork across the school.