Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Suttons Learning at Home - VE Day

Last week the UK commemorated the 75th anniversary of VE day. 

The children at Suttons completed a vast array of activities to remember this day and all those who gave their lives during the war. It was so lovely to see families working together to remember and honour the past. Here is a small section of the excellent work completed by our amazing pupils.

Click on the link to watch our VE day video.

Jacob B (Reception Yellow) Maya (1HM-TF) and their mum, designed and created some awesome bunting.

 Lexi (6KR) made a wartime meal, toad in the hole. Lexi's grandad was born during the war and this was his favourite! Doesn't it look delicious!

Mason (1HM-TF) looked at a picture of his Great-Grandad wearing his war medals to help him design his own medals. Mason is super proud of his Great-Grandad! We are proud of him too Mason!

 Shae (Reception Green) designed her own VE day stamp, she drew Captain Tom and was amazed he was 100 years old!

Zach Y (3JI) Made and decorated this amazing glider. He called it Lucky 13.

Did you think the picture above was from the past? In fact it was only taken a few days ago! Nathan (Reception Green) recreated a boy waving to the planes on VE day using his own handmade flag.

Carter (Pre-Nursery) had a VE day picnic with his toys and homemade cakes! Yummy!

Edison (Pre-Nursery), Isabella (1MS) and Lourdes (3JI) made a ship in bottle to honour their great Uncle who served in the Navy.

Charlie (2NL) wrote an important message for his class in morse code. Can you work out what it says?

Winnie (Reception Green) dressed up as a land girl. Doesn’t she looked amazing!

Sophie (Reception Yellow) made this lovely flag


Make Do and Mend! Isabella (4DK) made this brilliant top and headband using a dress that did not fit anymore. Very skilful!

Amelia O (3JI) made this awesome wartime plane using recycled materials.

William (Nursery) and Jessica (1HM-TF) wrote messages to their family using invisible ink.

We had so many of you working together to create some VE day bunting

Erin 6MB, Ava 3RS and Amelie Nursery
Chloe 6KR and Ellie 2NL
Sienna 6MB and Annabelle 3JI
James REC Green and George Nursery

And some great work about Captain Tom Moore

Delight (5GP) made this super poster.

Reuben (2AK) made this fantastic medal for him. He called it the 'Medal of Excellence'

Rayner (3JI) has been recording his own podcast! And he dedicated one to Captain Tom. Please listen it's very enjoyable and interesting.

Thanks for all your amazing work! You did a great job learning about VE day!