Friday, 26 January 2018

3NL - High Acheivers!

Congratulations to the following children who achieved 21/21 in their spellings last week....

Further congratulations, to the children who achieved 21/21 in their spellings this week.
It is great to see some of the same faces....

A massive well done to those children who moved up on Planet Maths last week!

And to those who moved up this week -
Keep up the good work!

 Lots of children have also received Head-teacher's awards for their fabulous Maths and Big Write work - well done!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

3NL - Dragons Den!

To end our science topic on Forces and Magnets the class were set the task of designing their own innovative magnetic toy.
They were the then required to pitch their ideas to the Dragons - who were Multimillion Mr Bray and Dragon Lady Lacey!

The task was to :-

1.      Produce either a drawing of the magnetic toy, or the actual toy.

2.      Come up with a name for the toy and design a name and logo, identifying your target audience.   

3.      Design the packaging and consider the lifespan of the product – is it a novelty item that will only be popular for a short period, or could it have longevity?

4.      Produce a costing sheet, including how much it cost to make and the recommended retail price. It must also state how much money you want the Dragons to invest.

5.      Create an advert/poster for it to be displayed around the school.

The work produced was outstanding!
Myself and Mr Bray were blown away by the time and effort put into all of the designs.
All of the children were able to secure the investment they required and received a - 'I Convinced the Dragons' certificate.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Year 6 Road Safety Assembly

Thanks to the Riot Act Theatre Group, Year 6 this morning found themselves investigating a crime scene…

There had been an ‘accident’ scene set up in the Hall, and Year 6 spoke to the people involved, witnesses and paramedics.

We were able to work out that the child ‘injured’ in the scene had caused the accident by not behaving safely.


We learned that in order to cross the road safely, it is important to:

- cross at a proper crossing (a pelican crossing, a zebra crossing, an island crossing or at traffic lights)

- stop before crossing

- look right first, before crossing, as cars will approach from that direction first

- look both ways before crossing

- ensure you are not distracted (by your phone, your friends, etc)

- listen when crossing, so that you can hear approaching vehicles.


Thank you to the Riot Act Theatre Group for entertaining and educating us!

Year 6 Science: How to See Around Corners!

This lesson, Year 6 learned more about how light travels, and how we can use mirrors to see. Our experiments proved that the angle light arrives at on a reflective surface, such as a mirror (known as the angle of incidence), is the same angle that it reflects off at (the angle of reflection).

We also made our own periscopes, making sure that our two mirrors were angled at 45°. The combined 45° angles of incidence and reflection meant that light travelling onto our top mirror travelled exactly onto the bottom mirror, and straight out into our eyes, allowing us to see.

If this sounds complicated, ask a Year 6 student and they can explain it all to you!

Year 6 Science: How Light Travels!

This half term, Year 6’s Science topic is ‘Light’ and how we see things!

In our first lesson, we learned that light always travels in a straight line. We are able to see because light travels from a light source, bounces off (or ‘reflects’) objects, and travels into our eyes.

Year 6 used wool to demonstrate how light travels from light sources to their eyes, allowing them to see the world around them…

Reception LT Blue Class. Headteacher's Award.

Today in Blue Class Lily Mae received a Head teacher's Award for being an outstanding role model.
Well done !

Friday, 19 January 2018

3NL - Have you ever wondered what's underneath our skin?

 Have you ever wondered what's underneath our skin?

That was the question Mrs Lacey asked 3NL.

So the class decided to investigate...

At the beginning of the week we looked at our bones and we decided to make our own real-life skeletons.

Then today, we decided to add some organs.
Meet our final versions Mr Bones 1-6!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Literacy Parent Workshops

Thank you to all the parents who came to our very first parent workshops for literacy. If you were unable to attend last nights workshops the slides will be available on the website very soon.

KS2 literacy workshops are being rearranged for next term, we will let you know the date as soon as it has been set.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Staples

Spider spellings - Spring 1 2018

Congratulations to all the children who passed on spider spellings last week.

A special congratulations goes to Luwa from Year 5AK who the completed queen bee award which means he has completed the entire programme!  Well done Luwa!!

Year 1MS

Year 1HM/SP

Year 2

 Year 3

 Year 4TS

Year 4JI

Year 5GP

Year 5AK

 Year 6

Luwa Year 5 who has now completed Spider spellings! Well done Luwa!!

The next spider spelling test will be on

Tuesday 27th February 2018

3NL - keeping healthy

In science, 3NL have been looking at all the different types of food groups.

We then sorted some of our favourite types of food into their correct food group.

We then investigated how much of each food group we should eat to stay healthy.

Finally, we designed our own healthy dinner ensuring we had the recommended amounts of each food group.

3NL - 3D Shapes

Last week 3NL looked at the properties of 3D shapes.

We used construction materials to build our own 3D shapes - can you guess which shape we are building?