Tuesday, 20 November 2018

2NL Star Achievers!

Congratulations to the following children for moving up Planet Maths this week.

And last week....

Further congratulations to our Star Spellers this week...

Keep up the good work!

Friday, 16 November 2018

Thrive at Suttons Primary School

Shining the Light: Suttons Primary School 

Here in the office we don’t always get the opportunity to see all the wonderful work that you are doing in your settings, so we were delighted when earlier this term one of our new relationship managers, Mel Fisher, visited Suttons Primary School in Hornchurch and reported back. Mel sat down with the Deputy Head and Thrive practitioner Karen Blake for a chat about how Suttons Primary discovered Thrive, their wonderful Thrive room and how beneficial they’ve found Thrive in their setting.

Before Suttons Primary decided to introduce Thrive, Karen tells us that they visited a school in a neighbouring borough to make sure that it was right for them. They wanted to ensure that Thrive could help support children who had experienced significant trauma and had attachment disorder. The school they visited had practised Thrive for several years, and after the visit they were convinced that it would be a good option for them! Suttons Primary now have three licensed practitioners, one of whom is delivering Thrive full time to individual children.

Suttons’ Thrive room is small but perfectly formed and licensed practitioners are constantly adding to the resources. They’ve found that the children love creative arts and crafts, messy play, small world toys and sand trays. Karen shared that one of the children finds communicating via building Lego scenes is particularly beneficial, so they have bought Lego sets for them to work with. They’ve also arranged for this child to spend one day every week at a farm; Karen says that it is important that they learn to feel safe and feel happy.  They also utilise their Thrive room as a ‘Chill and Chat’ space during lunchtime when their most vulnerable children often seek out support or ‘time out’. 
What Karen found most striking since introducing Thrive at Suttons Primary is that the amount of disclosures made by children has considerably increased. Thrive has made children feel safe enough to talk. The school have also found it particularly beneficial to have a member of their Senior Leadership Team trained in Thrive to drive the process forward. As Karen is the Deputy Head, her role has been vital in ensuring that Thrive remains high profile. She says that “Thrive has become part of who we are and what we believe in as a school.” 
If you would like a member of your senior leadership team trained in Thrive, you may be interested in our new courses intended for Senior Leaders. Click here to find out more. 

Children in Need - Yellow class

Yellow class have been thinking about Children in Need this week. We learnt that Children in Need is a charity that fund raises to make a real difference to the lives of children all across the UK. They aim to ensure that every child in the UK has a childhood that is: 

Happy and Secure
Allows them a chance to reach their potential

Have a look at what we've been doing in support of Children in Need!

Children In Need - Reception Green Class

Children In Need 
Reception Green Class

Thank you for your donations.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Big Write of the Month - October 2018

Congratulations to our Big Writers of the month!!

Year1HM - Matthew
Year 1MS - Ronnie
Year 2NL - Rayner
Year 2DK - Olivia-Rae
Year 3AK - Rose
Year 4JI - Immanuel
Year 5GP - Oliver 
Year 5KR - Max
Year 6TS - Toby
Year 6PM - Jude

Monday, 12 November 2018

Shaking Up Shakespeare!

Year 6 have been lucky enough to have the fantastic Anthony Glenn working with them once again for Shaking Up Shakespeare!
Anthony delivered an amazing performance to the whole school this morning, with various children from a range of year groups helping out.

Year 6 started workshops straight afterwards, and we began by exploring non-verbal communication.

We did some improvisation work, and also worked on our projection - of our voices and our emotions through body language and expression!

Tomorrow looks set be just as fun and even more exciting as we move onto examining 'The Scottish Play' in more depth...

2NL - Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Day assembly

To commemorate Remembrance Day, we held a special assembly where the children shared the beautiful work they have been doing in class to mark the historic event.

A big thank you to Mrs Lacey for leading the special assembly.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Year 6 visit to National Portrait Gallery

Year 6 enjoyed their visit to the National Gallery!

Year 6 - We Will Remember

Year 6 have been doing some work for remembrance day. After analysing war poetry in literacy we have completed blackout poems and in Art we created poppies using different techniques.