Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Netball - High5 Tournament

Year 5 Players -
Back Row - Reece, Ella, Wumi, Mia, Zain
Front row - Sachi, Lucy, Megan, Henry, Ruby  

Today some Year 5 children went to Albany school to play in a High 5 netball tournament. It was an exciting day! When we arrived we were put into a pool with other schools: Hylands, Crownfield, Oakfields and Harold Wood.   

Our first match was against Oakfields, It was a fantastic start, Megan passed the ball well to Ella and Reece. Reece had a few shots on target! Zain and Mia worked tirelessly in defence and the game resulted in a 0-0 draw.  

Our second game was against a much tougher Harold Wood team. There was some excellent defending from Lucy and Henry. And excellent movement from Ruby as C. Sachi and Wumi had a tough job scoring against a tall attacking team. Unfortunately we lost this game 2-0.

Our third match was against an experienced Hylands squad. There was some fantastic link play from Reece, Ruby and Mia, which results in some attempted shots from Zain. Ella and Reece worked hard to defend. Everyone played very well but unfortunately it ended in a 2-0 defeat.

Our final match was against a very tall Harold Wood team. Lucy was outstanding as C and had many interceptions. Fantastic passing in the circle meant both Henry and Megan had a shot on target. Wumi and Sachi were excellent in defence and the final score was a 0-0 draw!

Overall we had a fantastic fun day, we played extremely well, against some strong opposition (many of the children were in year 6 children) and we are looking forward to returning next year! Thank you to all the parents that came to support, Mrs Rawlings and Mr Gentle!

Miss Staples


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Take One Picture Project Exhibition 2015

Take One Picture Project 2015

 The parents and carers of Suttons Primary School were welcomed to our annual exhibition of the Take One Picture Project. The project focuses on one picture which hangs in the National Gallery in London. This year the painting was a portrait of Mr and Mrs Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough, one of the most celebrated portrait artists of England. Mr Andrews, a wealthy Essex land owner, commissioned Gainsborough to paint the couples portrait displaying their wealth by using their land as part of the background landscape. As one parent commented “ What a professional looking exhibition I was amazed by the quality of the work, what wonderful artists there are at Suttons Primary School!”

The children of Suttons then looked at many different aspects of the picture, from making portraits using modern technology, using the school landscape as an inspiration for model making, printing, sketching and painting.

This year due to the responses of the children to the picture we added a 3D sculptural element to the exhibition. In the picture Mr and Mrs. Andrews sit under a large tree with Mr. Andrews hunting dog by his side. The children were very interested in this element of the picture and in response to this we introduced 3D trees and dogs which could be decorated in different ways in each key stage.

The Reception and Nursery classes drew inspiration for their tree from patterns in nature. They looked at the shape of leaves and print making to decorate their tree, including hand and finger prints. 

 In Years five and six the pupils drew on their topic work for inspiration to decorate their tree. The yellow, blue and green are taken from the Brazilian flag, part of the Year five topic. The repeating motif is from the work of William Morris, one of the Victorian artists studied by Year Six



 In the Year three and four classes we studied the work of the artist Henri Matisse. He was known for his bold use of colour and used paper motifs to make his pictures. The children designed their own and make pictures in the style of Matisse.




 In the Year one and two classes they looked
at  the work of Mondrian. Using
blocks of colour set in regular
lines they looked at using shapes and patterns in the style of the artist.                                                        

If you are disappointed that you were not able to visit our Take One Picture exhibition on Wednesday please do not despair! The exhibition will be open on Thursday 14th of October as part of our open evening at Sutton Primary School. Please come along and look at the fabulous work the children have done and take time to add your comment to our visitors comment wall.

We look forwards to seeing you!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

3AK - Art and Design

As part of our volcanoes topic we created our own vol

canic collages, here are just a few!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Year 3 Trip To The Natural History Museum

We are now officially moving and shaking as we experienced the delights of traveling through the centre of the Earth; stopped in Pompeii and ended up in a Japanese supermarket, that rocked our world (well simulated an earthquake anyway). All within walking distance of South Kensington, who would have thought it?