Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Year 4 - Poetry showcase

Over the last few weeks Year 4 children have transformed into poets!

Last week Year 4 wrote some spectacular snow poems, they were so good that Miss Staples and Miss Irvine wanted to show them off!

We invited Year 2 and Year 3 into the hall to our poetry showcase.

The children did an amazing job at performing some of their own poems. Especially as they didn't have very long at all to practise! Year 2 and Year 3 were very impressed.

Take a look at some of these fantastic poems!


Super Snow!

Super snow
Floating down like angels
I can’t wait to go
Super snow

Super snow
It is falling from the sky
It came from somewhere high
Super snow


Super snow
It flutters down gently
It drifts quit gingerly
Super snow

Super snow
The lovely snow is falling
It looks like a feather floating
Super snow

Super snow
Oh how I love you so!


Written by Sienna Skinner
Performed by Sienna, Karima and Darcie

It’s really snowing!

It’s really snowing
Well I believe,
It’s really snowing
Something I’ve wanted to receive.

It’s really snowing
Crunch! What an amazing sound
It’s really snowing
Piles of vanilla ice cream on the ground

It’s really snowing
Like a graceful swan
It’s really snowing
I’m glad the splash sound is gone

It’s stopped snowing
Unfortunately I believe
It’s stopped snowing
Something I wouldn’t want to receive

Written by Erin Buckland
Performed by Erin, Morenike and Austin

It’s finally snowing!

 It’s finally snowing!
Extraordinary snowflakes falling from the sky
It’s finally snowing!
Twirl and Whirl and float up high

It’s finally snowing!
Lungs are bouncing really fast!
It’s finally snowing!
Overpowered, it’s here at last!

It’s finally snowing!
An icy blanket wraps the world
It’s finally snowing!

Like soft warm hugs for boys and girls
It’s finally snowing!
It’s a clouds comfy bed
It’s finally snowing!
A sneaky snowball hit my head. 

By Lyndon Pearson
Performed by Lyndon, Ruqayya and Kristupas

Spectacular snow
Bright white snow
Vanilla ice cream falling from the sky
A carpet that wraps the world
Squash the snow so soft
I am full with overwhelming joy
It falls as gracefully as a feather
Soft as a big comfortable pillow
It’s like a winter wonderland 

The snow bites a jaw dropping sight
But then it melts, you will nearly faint
It melts like white chocolate
Full of sadness, the world weeps 

Written by Tolga Shabanov
Perfromed by Tolga, Ben and George

Snow is falling down
Snow is falling down
Don’t stop it now!
No ones in despair
It’s floating through the air
Snow is falling down
Don’t stop it now!
Splat of snowballs
Everyone feels magical
Snow is falling down
Don’t stop it now
Get your coats and hats now
We all have no doubt, that we all will go out!
Snow is falling down
Don’t stop it now!
It’s like a Christmas gift
A carpet that wraps the planet
Snow is falling down
Don’t stop it now!
Written by Aikam Buttar – Year 4
Performed by Aikam, Libby and Lillie

Slishy Slushy Snow
The slishy slushy snow
It’s gliding everywhere
It’s getting thrown at peoples back
An even in peoples hair!
The slishy slushy snow
Make people go yipee!
Floating like an eagles feather
And hovering like a bee.
The slishy slushy snow
Smoothly flowing through the air
Made my car get a tow
And it ruined the fair!
The slishy slushy, slishy slushy, slishy slushy snow!
Written by Elliott Mcgillivray – Year4
Performed by Elliott, Rory and Hemanth

Yey! Snow is here!
The snow swiftly settles!
Yey! Snow is here!

I shout and shake with excitement!
Yey! Snow is here!
I stepped on the snow…crunch!
Yey! Snow is here!
The snow glows like glitter!
Yey! Snow is here!
I built a snowman 10 feet high!
Yey! Snow is here!
Written by Humayd– Year 4
Performed by Humayd and Adam

Well done Year 4,
from your very proud teachers Miss Staples

REC LT - Reading for pleasure week.

We enjoyed having our parents come and read with us.


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

3NL - Visiting HOPWA House

In 3NL we have been doing some creative writing around the Christmas advert, from a few years ago, about the man in the moon. Following on from this we discussed how some of the elderly may be without family and lonely at Christmas time.

Therefore we decided to visit HOPWA House to take some gifts to some of their residents and sing Carols to spread goodwill.

Thank you to all of the generous parents who provided some thoughtful gifts.

As we had enjoyed reading week so much we also decided to take our favourite reading books to share with them.

The whole morning was enjoyed by both young and old...

3NL- Reading for Pleasure

3NL had lots of fun, reading for pleasure, last week.
We especially enjoyed reading with Year 6.

We also had great fun making some special reading week bookmarks...

However, the activity we enjoyed the most was reading to our families.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Year 4TS - Reading for pleasure week

In Year 4 we really enjoyed the reading for pleasure week!

We buddy read with two classes - Reception red class and Year 1HM/SP.

Reading with Reception

Reading with Year 1

We enjoyed having our parents come and read with us.

It was good fun to 'drop everything and read!' When the bell rang we had to stop what we were doing and read.


 We had to stop during maths....


Even music....

Book fair - Thank you!!

Thank you to everyone who visited our book fair over the last week. It was very successful and we sold over £700 worth of books!

  We will now be able to purchase some new books for our school!! We are looking forward to investing in a new outdoor library!

A big thank you to all the year 6 children who helped to run the book fair! They were fantastic and I couldn't have done it without them! Thank you, Jozel, Olivia N, Baylie, Harvey-Joe, Alex P, Lexi RT, Lexi Lola, Amanda, Ambika, Banji, Albie, Kerion and Millie W!

Thank you! And remember don't stop reading!

Miss Staples

4JI Buddy Readers

Today, 4JI got the chance to read to Reception and to Year 2 as part of our Reading for Pleasure Week.

The children enjoyed this enormously and were very good role models for the younger children!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Wanted 3NL's lost matchboxes....

Last week something dreadful happened in 3NL.

When we returned from lunch, our matchboxes with our special items inside had disappeared!

Had they been stolen?

We decided to investigate...


First, we made some WANTED posters using adjective phrases and similes to describe our missing items.

Then we went searching.

Due to our great descriptions the reception children were able to help us find some in their classroom.

Finally, the last of our matchboxes were found in Year 4.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

4JI - String Telephones

After experimenting with pitch, we created our own string telephones to try and discover how sound travels. It was a painstakingly long process, as the children tried as hard as they could to thread the string through the small plastic hole in the cup,  but we got all there eventually!

And the best part about the whole experiment, was that the string telephones worked! 

4JI - Pitch Perfect

In 4JI we have been experimenting with sound, and learning the difference between volume and pitch. To do this, the children used different instruments and created high and low sounds in the classroom, and discovered if there were any patterns that were emerging.

It was loud (!) but extremely fun!