Friday, 13 July 2018

Quad Kids 2018

Over the last few weeks children from years 6 to year 1 have been travelling to Hornchurch stadium to take part in quad kids. This is an annual athletics competition against other primary schools in the borough. Yesterday the children received their certificates in assembly and found out where they came.

Year 6 team - Ronni, Riley, Archie, Kerion, Olivia N, Lexi RT, Winni, Millie W

Overall events results 32/40
Top sprinter - Riley 8th

Year 5 team - Oliver, Ellie, Daisie, Archie, Amelia, George H, Henry J

Overall events results - 30/40

Year 4 Team - Michael, Adam, Teddie, Kevin, Ruqayya, Lillie, Bethan, Cerys

Overall events results - 33 /41

Year 3 team - Isaac, Delight, Sophie, Austeja, Rosie, Nana, Dorin, Albie

Overall events results - 34/40



Year 2 team - Grace, Tillie, Ellie-May, Kobe, Archie, Joseph, Kaif, Jessi

Overall events results - 14/26

Top sprinters - Kobe 1st , Joseph 7th

Year 1 team - Arnav, Jack, Kenzie, Jozef, Lissie, Olivia W, Scarlett, Aela
Overall events results - 8 / 25

Top sprinters - Arnav / Jozef 6th

Individual ranking boys - Jozef 10/98

Finally we would like to say an enormous WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS to Joseph Hinton who was individually ranked first out of all the boys who completed in year 2.  This is an outstanding achievement which we have never seen at Suttons before! You an a credit to our school and we are unbelievable proud of you! Well done Joseph!

Congratulations to all our athletes. You have represented our school fantastically and we are very proud of you all.

Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and support us. A very big thank you to Mrs Benton and Mrs Thompson who have organised taking the children to the events and supported and encouraged them while they were there.

Year 4 - Homework projects

Year 4 had been set a homework project to create their own information booklets about the Victorians. Miss Irvine and Miss Staples were very impressed with all your fantastic work. We have proudly put the booklets on display for the other children in the school to read!
Well done Year 4!



Thursday, 12 July 2018

Great Sportsmanship

Congratulations to the children who were nominated

 for showing 'great sportsmanship' on Sports Day.

Further congratulations to the prize winners who were lucky enough to have their name pulled out of the lucky dip.


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Year One - Grandparents' Afternoon

As part of our History work, Year One have been learning about life when our grandparents were children.  To celebrate the end of our topic we enjoyed an afternoon with our grandparents.  We discussed our learning and our grandparents told us about their experiences when they were children.  Everyone took part in a quiz and enjoyed some snacks and juice.
We would like to thank all the grandparents who joined us for the afternoon.

Year 1- Ice-lollies

Last week the Year One children enjoyed tasting different juices, cutting fruit and making ice-lollies.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Year 4 - Museum of Childhood

Year 4 had a brilliant trip to the Museum of Childhood yesterday. They'll had a workshop all about board games, they learnt about board games from the past, got to play some board games and even made their own. After that, the children explored the hundreds of toys on display in the museum, they were tasked to find a toy with every letter of the alphabet! Children were able to explore some Victorian toys which helped them understand what children did in the past. What a great day! 

Monday, 9 July 2018

Year 1MS - How long is 1 minute?

Today we learned that there are 60 seconds in one minute.
But how long is 60 seconds? What things can do you in 60 seconds?

The children were set a variety of tasks such as 'How many times can you write your name in 1 minute?' and 'How many star jumps can you do in minute?'

The children firstly estimated then completed each task.
They were surprised at how long some tasks took and how quick 1 minute seemed during other tasks.

 How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?
  The looming 1 minute countdown... How many times can you write you name in 1 minute? How many squares can you draw in 1 minute?

Miss Shah joined in as well!

 How many times can you touch your head, shoulders, knees then toes in 1 minute?


  What is the biggest number you can write up to?
  How many laps can you do around the playground?

Year 1MS - What makes a good bird's nest?

Year 1 were set the following challenge:

"I think birds are brilliant but I don't think people can build nests like birds do" - Mrs Twitcher, Local birdwatcher. Do you think Mrs Twitcher is right?

We went outside and tried to make our own bird's nest using the materials we found in the natural environment.

We were very surprised and impressed at how well our bird's nests turned out! We proved Mrs Twitcher wrong!