Thursday, 31 January 2019

Year 2 trip to St Andrews Church

Last week, Year 2 went on an informative school trip to find out about St Andrews church as part of our RE topic this term.

We got to learn about all the different things that happen in a church.
We even got to stand at the lectern and read some words from the bible.
However our favourite part was climbing up the steep stone steps to the bell tower where we got to ring the bells!

 We met Bell-Ringer Tony who was once a pupil of Suttons school back in 1944!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Buddy Reading 1HM/TF 3AK

The children in Year 1 were delighted to have their reading buddies from Year 3 share books with them again today!

Lots of fun and excitement was had as the children from Year 3 read to their younger buddies.

Everyone enjoyed discussing the action taking place within the books!

5KR Greenpeace posters

5KR received their posters and a special book from Greenpeace today to thank them in their efforts in persuasive writing in support of their cause.

School Council Meeting: 22/1/19

School Council Meeting: 22/1/19
Fundraising ideas for Red Nose Day

This week in the school council we discussed red nose day and ways to help raise money for the charity. Some of the ways we came up with were:  selling fruit cups, dressing up as our favourite characters, raffle tickets to win a teddy, homemade red velvet cake baking competition judged by the school council, selling red nose day stationary, everyone wearing red clothes, selling red noses and finally we came up with the idea of doing a teacher humiliating challenge if we reach our goal of £450 donations. This challenge may be, teachers do squats, teacher dance off, teacher race, floss competition or throwing wet sponges. Unfortunately we will not be able to do all of these, but we hope we can use some of our ideas.

We hope to raise lots of money for the charity this red nose day, we are all very excited about this day.

This article was written by school council members,

Tilly (4JI) and Rose (3AK)

Computing - Parents' Online Safety Leaflet about the hazards of GTA

Friday, 25 January 2019

5KR's Letter from Greenpeace!

5KR were very excited and happy to receive a letter from Greenpeace today, recognising their very hard work in persuasive writing concerning the issue of palm oil and deforestation. The representative from Greenpeace was so pleased with our work that he is sending the children their very own poster! 
I am so proud of the children's passion and considerate nature that they demonstrated during their studies of this project and I am thrilled that they have seen not only that their voices have been heard but they have contributed to a making a difference in the world!
Below is the message to the children from Greenpeace: 

Thank you all so much for your recent letters to the Prime Minister asking for the Rang-tan advert to appear on TV this year. It means a huge amount to us personally here at Greenpeace, but is also hugely important that kids like you have their voice heard. After all, it is your generation who will have to deal with effects of any damage we do to the planet (and who knows – some of you may end up being future politicians, business people or work for an organisation like Greenpeace!).
Forests are hugely important for species like orangutans as well as for helping fight climate change. Just before Christmas, our campaign to protect rainforests in Indonesia had a huge win – Wilmar (the world’s biggest producer of palm oil, growing 40% of palm oil on Earth) agreed with what Greenpeace and millions of people have said. They’ve promised they won’t deforest any more rainforest for palm oil and will refuse to work with anyone who does. We only achieved this through passionate people like you putting pressure on people who can make a huge difference.
From us here in the Forests team at Greenpeace, a huge thank you.
Greenpeace UK

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Head Teacher's Award - Reception Green Class

Head Teacher's Award

Aiden received a Head Teacher's Award. Aiden independently wrote a sentence about our focus book this week 'The Three Little Pigs'.

Well done !

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

School Council Meeting: 15/1/19

School Council Meeting: 15/1/19
Replacement For The Poppy Display

This week in the school council we discussed what sort of displays that could replace the poppy display near the front of the school.

Some of the things we discussed were: Friendship Ideas, Seasonal display, Kenzie liked the idea of a school family tree, Michael loved the idea of poems and creating a poetry tree, Rose wanted the history of the school timeline, Rueben had the idea of a tree house that leads into the door of friendship and finally Lua wants a tree that is made of the names of people who have been good friends.

We have taken all these ideas and have given them to Mr Bailey to see which idea he likes best.    

This article was written by school council members,
 Hemanth (5KR ) and Michael ( 5GP ).


Monday, 21 January 2019

Star of the week 21/01/19

Congratulations to the children who have been chosen by their teacher to be star of the week!

Friday, 18 January 2019

2NL's Maths Sweet Shop is open for business...

In Maths 2NL have been learning to add and subtract 11, 12, 21 & 22.
The children used all of their knowledge to calculate the price increase of the sweets in the 2NL Maths Sweet Shop.
They then chose an item they wanted to buy and worked out the coins they would need to do this.

Some of the children were the 'shopkeepers' and had to work out if the amount of money given to them was correct.
Afterwards they calculated the change needed from £1.


If all of their calculations were correct they were able to choose a sweet to buy!


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Maths 4JI Symmetry Hunt

In Year 4, we have been learning all about symmetry and symmetrical shapes. We went on a hunt around the outside of the school today using iPads, to try and find as many symmetrical objects as we could. We found lots!!

2NL - We are photographers!

In science this term 2NL are learning about Everyday Materials.

We therefore decided to investigate all of the different materials we could identify around our school.
We used the iPads to take photos of the different materials we found as in ICT we are learning what it takes to be a photographer.
When taking our pictures we thought about the light needed, centring and keeping a steady hand.

When we returned to class we evaluated the photos we had taken and deleted any of the photos we felt weren't suitable.

Reception Green Class - Mathematics

Reception Green class

Today Green class found a Giant's foot in our class. Green Class measured the foot.
It was 41cms!

Green class decided to measure their own feet. Who had the biggest foot in our class?