Friday, 27 March 2015

Year 1 and 2 visit St Andrews Church.

During the Spring term children in KS1 visited St Andrews Church in Hornchurch. The children had such a fantastic time and learnt some very interesting facts, not only about Christianity but about Hornchurch and it's past.

When the children arrived they were greeted by Reverend Ken who welcomed us to St Andrews and told us a little about the church. Then the children were split off into groups. Each group were able to explore different areas of the church and find out lots of information. One part of the tour children were able to ring the church bell, this was an exciting part for most of the children as the bell lifted many from the floor.

Overall the children had a brilliant time and learnt lots. We would like to thank all the volunteers at St Andrews and all the parent helpers who helped us on the day.


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pirates Of The Curry Bean

All Aboard Me Hearties!

The school was invaded by a gang of pirates this week as the children in Years 3, 4 and 5 performed the Musical "The Pirates Of The Curry Bean".
The story begins in Old London at the docks where a treasure map is found by the Periwinkles only to be stolen by the crew of The Curry Bean, lead by Captain Redbeard.
The Perriwinkles aided by the Crew of the naval ship, The Crunchy Frog, set sail to hunt down the pirate gang only to be captured and then ship wrecked in a violent storm.
Both crews find themselves on the island of Lumbago, a tropical paradise where the treasure map shows there is a fortune to be found. Scuttle and Slack find the treasure with the help of some cheeky monkeys.
However the treasure is claimed by Redbeard's gang, but the King of Wonga, who regains his memory, insists that the treasure be shared by all. Bringing a happy ending to the show, with the Perriwinkles being reunited and everyone being very rich.
A big thank you goes to the parents of the cast who supplied all their lovely costumes and helped many of our characters learn and practise their lines.
The show was a great success and the children really enjoyed taking part in the performance, which was received with great praise by all of our audiences.

Netball V Elm Park

On Tuesday Suttons primary had it's first netball match against Elm Park Primary. It was an away match so after school on Tuesday 10 eager and excited children travelled on the mini-bus to Elm Park.

When we got there we knew we would have a challenge as most of the children were in year 5 and 6 and very tall. But we were excited for the game ahead. Elm Park had a good start and scored 3 goals but we got one back thanks to some excellent passing from Mia (yr4), Ifa (yr6) and Lucy (yr4) and scoring from Ruby(yr4). The next quarter started well and although Elm Park scored a few more we got two goals back thanks to some brilliant shots from Frankie (yr6). Isabella (y6), Zena (y5) and Wumi (yr4) did an excellent job in defence and intercepted many balls.  In the last quarter our super subs, Henry (y4) and Zain (yr4) gave the game us excellent speed and passing and we almost had a few more goals. Unfortunately we lost 10-3 but all the children played so well and we were really please with our first match. We are looking forward to playing some more game next term.

Thank you to Mr Gentle for taking us, Mrs Humphries for umpiring and all the parents who came to support.

Miss Staples and Mrs Lacey

Monday, 23 March 2015

Year 1 - Red Nose Day 2015

Today, in class we all dressed as different characters and wore pyjamas and onesies to raise money for Red Nose Day.

We also had to hunt for the Red Nose hidden in class, for a chance to be 'Teacher' for 30 minutes. 

Our winners were Teddie and Kayla.  We look forward to learning from our 'new teachers' :)

We had great fun wearing our Red Noses

Year 5 - West Ham United

On Tuesday 3rd March, Year 5 had a fanatical time in Upton Park visiting the home of West Ham United, The Boleyn Ground.

Did you know it was named after Anne Boleyn, as she had a palace nearby?

We had a workshop writing a match day report of when West Ham beat Chelsea, followed by... 

A tour of the stadium! We saw the dressing rooms, home and...


the players' lounge;

 the pitch:
 plus we even sat in the 'Dugout'!


Year 5 - British Museum

On Thursday 26th February, Year 5 had an amazing time at the British Museum.

The main purpose of our visit was to see the Anglo- Saxon artefacts unearthed at Sutton Hoo.


We also had a glimpse into our upcoming topic of Ancient Egypt, were we saw ‘Ginger’ the naturally mummified Gabelian man and the British Museum’s fabulous collection of mummies.

After a spot of lunch we attended a workshop about being ‘Museum Detectives’ at the Samsung Digital Centre...
where we undertook a range of activities including researching and reporting about differing aged artefacts. 



Year 4 - Adopt-a-Chef

On Friday 16th January, year 4 had the opportunity to take part in a food workshop. The class became chefs for an hour as they were provided with hats and aprons! They learnt about the different flavours of food and where on the tongue we taste certain flavours. There were some interesting reactions to the food!

Year 4 also learnt different cutting techniques such as 'the bridge'. Overall year 4 found the experience very exciting, fascinating and enjoyable.

Suttons Gardening Club Begins To Bloom

Spring Has Arrived At Suttons School



At Suttons School the gardening club braved the cold of winter last January to plant a variety of bulbs in the playground beds. Hoping that as the warmer weather of Spring arrived we would have a show of colour with the bulbs coming into bloom.

The Gardening club members have been delighted with the results of their work so far. Many of the bulbs were eaten by squirrels or have been dug up by foxes and neighbouring cats, but the ones that have survived have given the much needed dash of colour at the end of a long Winter season.
The Gardening Clubs next challenge is to get the school garden ship shape for the up and coming growing season. We have already been weeding the large raised beds in the garden area on the field and will be giving the flower beds around the playground some weeding attention too. We will be planting a mixture of vegetables and flowers in the garden after the Easter holidays and are looking forward to some bumper crops to share with the school.
Gardening club is held every Thursday at 12:30, we are always happy to welcome new members to the group. If you are interested in joining please contact Miss Platt in Year 3


Friday, 6 March 2015

World Book day 2015

World Book 2015!

Wow what a super day we had at Suttons celebrating world book day! There were some sensational book characters wondering the corridors, from Horrid Henry to Tracey Beaker and even Willy Wonka. All the children made such an effort and looked fantastic! Even the Staff joined in and we had Mr Morell as Mr Twit and Miss Platt as Spiderman!

 The day kick started with the parents coming into class and reading with their children. It was delightful to see so many parents in our classrooms. Throughout the day children became reading buddies and read with children in a different year group. Children were also encouraged to bring in their favourite book which was shared with the class. Each class then voted on a book to recommend during the world book day assembly.

The day finished with the world book day assembly which was filled with a fashion show, lots of singing and discussions about reading. Children shared their reading recommendations and teachers did too. Mr Jones even shared a book he has written himself entitled 'Chalk and Cheese'! After school the friends of Suttons hosted a film night with over 90 children attending. Children were able to watch sing along frozen or the Lego Movie. It was a great success and we would like to thank Friends for organising this event.

Overall it was a wonderful day with lots of enthusiasm about reading and books!