Monday, 31 October 2016

3AK - Margaret Godfrey Inspired Volcanic Art. It's HOT stuff!

In art we created some volcanic collage pictures. We were inspired by the wonderful artwork of Margaret Godfrey! 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

3AK - Maths - Nets!

Today, we used polydron to investigate how different nets make different 3D shapes. Do you the know difference between a pyramid and a prism?

3AK - NHM - Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Yesterday, we went to the Natural History Museum, where we were rocked by the earthquake simulator! We also waved goodbye to Dippy, as she embarks on a nationwide tour soon.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Pen Power -Handwriting - Autumn 1

This year children have been introduced to a new continuous cursive handwriting style.

At the beginning of the year all of the children had to write with a pencil and have been working hard to earn a pen.

Congratulations to all the children that have receive a pen licence this half term. All children that have a pen will be entered into a monthly raffle to win a fountain pen! Congratulations to Vashika from Year 3DK who won for the month of September!

Year 6




Year 5

Year 4

Year 3

Pen Power!

Netball - High 5 - Year 5

Last week our Year 5 netball squad went to a high five rally at Albany school. They played extremely well for their first ever tournament and some children's first ever netball match, especially as most of teams they were against were in year 6! Unfortunately after our 5 group games we didn't make it further in the competition but really enjoyed they day and gained some valuable experience!

Well done Year 5 netballers!!!

Year 5 netball team - Millie M, Jozel, Lexi RT, Winnie, Olivia N, Ronnie, Keiron, Banji

Year 2 - Science investigation - brushing your teeth!

In year 2 we have been learning about being healthy! This week we have been discussing that in order to be healthy you must be clean and hygienic. One way to keep yourself clean is by brushing your teeth!

Today Year 2 investigated the question "Does the amount of time you brush your teeth affect how clean they will be?

Each group were given an sheet with 5 chalk stains on. Each child, using a  toothbrush and toothpaste were give different time intervals to clean the stain - starting at 5seconds and finishing at 2minutes.

Most groups results showed that the longer your brushed for the cleaner your stain became. However some groups found that this was not true. We discussed the reasons why this might have happened.

Joshua explained that this might have occurred because of how hard or gentle you may have brushed your stain.

Therefore we concluded that not only does the amount of time affect how well our teeth are cleaned but how hard or softly you clean your teeth!

Well done Year 2 some good investigating!

4MS- London Eye

As part of their Geography topic, Year 4MS had the opportunity to visit the London eye on Friday 14th October 2016.

The children were amazed to see many London monuments including Big Ben, Tower Bridge and The Shard as well as experiencing the London Eye (the first for many children!).

We had a great time viewing London from such a great height and even saw a video about London in the '4D Experience' theatre!

A trip we would all highly recommend!

Friday, 14 October 2016

3AK - Book Look!

In 3AK this morning, we had our adults come in and look at all our the fantastic learning!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

SATs Recognition Received

As a school we were delighted to have received this letter from the Regional Schools Commissioner, Mr Tim Coulson regarding our SATs results.