Monday, 16 May 2016

Year 2 become authors!

In December all children in Year 2 wrote some fantastic superhero stories which were sent off as part of a writing competition.

Unfortunately we did not win the overall competition however many of the children's work were chosen to be published in a book!

Finally the wait is over and our book has arrived!

'Superhero Adventures!' has over 20 of the children's stories in.

You can read Eddy's 'Animal Man Saves Christmas', Erin's 'Super Maths' or George's 'Super Ant!'

Parents and carers were able to purchase this book and the school received a copy as well so if you would like to read some of our spectacular writing please just ask.

We are so proud of the children's writing and it is wonderful to see how their work published like real authors!

Well done Year 2!!!