Thursday, 30 April 2015

St George's Day 2015

Suttons Primary School Council
St George's Day Celebrations

On Thursday 23rd April Suttons Primary celebrated St George's Day. It was an extremely fun and successful day, organised  by Sutton's School council!

Firstly children were asked to dress in white or red the colours of the English flag. At breaktime the school council sold strawberries and lemonade to over 150 students! That's a lot of strawberries. The school council worked tirelessly to get all the strawberries washed and prepped before hand.

At lunchtime the school council hosted a games event in the demountable. Children came in from the playground and took part in lots of St George's day activities and board games.

Then in the afternoon there was a fabulous Afternoon Tea, which all the parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles were invited to.  There were lots of wonderful and delicious cakes to eat and enjoy. It was extremely successful with over 170 people attending! Thank you to everyone who came.

I am so proud of the school council and their achievements during in the day. They worked extremely hard and worked so well together as a team. Overall they made £260. Fantastic! We would also like to thank all the teachers, staff and Friends of Suttons who helped  to make the day a success.

School council members: Year 1 - Rory, Isabella. Year 1/2: Oliver H, Kayleigh. Year 2: Daniel B, Kasey. Year 3: Lexi-Lola, James A. Year 4: Sachi, Louis. Year 5: Holly, Odafe. Year 6: Grace, Ronnie P.

Miss Staples