Thursday, 21 March 2019

Year 2 - Science week!

As part of science week, Year 2 combined the theme of journeys with their topic on plants to design and make perfume!

There were 7 different activity stations for the children to try incorporating lots of different Maths, ICT, Geography, Literacy, DT as well as Science skills.

As part of ICT this term the children are learning what it means to be a 'researcher.' They used the skills they have learnt to discover all of the different parts of the world that the plants we are studying have come from.

Next, they used their maths skills to create a year-group bar graph of their favourite smells.

Then, they had to look, smell & feel to guess the plants.

After that, they smelt all of the different fragrances using lots of descriptive words to describe them.

We even got a visit from Mrs Moore who asked us to make her some special perfume. 

At last, they got to make their perfume using their 3 favourite fragrances.

Finally, they had to think of a suitable
name for their perfume and design a suitable, eye-catching bottle.

Lots of fun was had by all!