Wednesday, 5 December 2018

2NL - Design a Boat to Float!

2NL were set the following challenge:

The New York Cookie Factory needs to transport their new recipe of cookies through icy waters. Their largest ship the Titanic was hit by an iceberg and sunk so they need to replace it with another watercraft to carry their thousands of cookies.

2NL has been asked to design and build a boat to support the weight of as many cookies as possible from New York to London so that their friends and family can eat them in Hornchurch!

Multi-Billionaire Governor Mr Bray and Entrepreneur Mrs Lacey will be judging the designs on behalf of the NYCF.

The children gladly took up the challenge.

First they tested which would be the best materials to use...
Then they investigated which would be the best shape for their designs...
Afterwards, they designed their boats using all of the information they had learnt...
Finally, for homework they built their boats!
On Friday we got to test the boats.
 There were some fabulous entries with lots of effort all round.

However, after a close competition we had the winners!