Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Year 1 Quad Kids!

On Thursday 28th June, 4 boys (Jozef, Jack, Arnav and Kenzie) and 4 girls (Olivia W, Scarlett, Lissie and Aela) from year 1 were chosen to take part in the Quad kids competition. There were running, throwing and jumping events for the children to compete in.

Out of 25 schools, Suttons Primary came 8th! This is an incredible achievement for the year 1s as they have not taken part in many major competitions previously.

The Parents and Staff who attended were very impressed with the children's sporting achievements individually and as a school, especially their exceptional behaviour. Well done to all the children who attended. You have made Suttons proud!

Special mentions


A special mention to Jozef who came 10th overall out of 98 boys!

Top Sprinters - Arnav and Jozef came 6th.

Top jumpers - Jozef came 3rd.

Top runners - Jack and Jozef came 5th.


Top Runners - Olivia W came 7th and Lissie came 19th.