Wednesday, 4 April 2018

World Book Day / Sports Relief 2018 - Whole school

After the snow postponed our official World book day celebration we decided to combine World book day and Sports Relief and celebrate them together.

Year 4TS & Year 4JI after completing the world book day sports circuit.

As always we had some amazing World Book Day costumes.

Even the teachers enjoyed dressing up!

Children took part in some sports activities and some book activities.

In early years and KS1 children took part in a book scavenger hunt. They had to find different book lands hidden around the KS2 playground.

In KS2 children took part in a world book day sports circuit.

Each activity was related to a story setting - Can you identify which story each activity relates to?

Station 1 - follow the yellow brick road
Station 2 - Sitting on mummy, daddy and baby bears chairs
Station 3 - Climbing the beanstalk
Station 4 - Jungle jacks
Station 5 - Throwing in district 12.
Station 6 - Bunny hops in Mr McGregor's garden.
Station 7 - Finding the golden ticket
Station 8 - Compass jumps
Station 9 - throw the honey into the honey pot.
Station 10 - flying a broomstick

Each class travelled to a different story land and completed some cross curricular activities. You can find out about some the places we visited and the activities we did on our World book day display in the library.

Thank you to some of the school council who helped set up and run these activities. Also to the year 6 girls who created the world book day signposts.

As a school we raised £229.40 for sports relief! Thank you for your donations!