Friday, 23 March 2018

Year 4 Roman Day

To finish off our learning on the 'Romans' - Year 4 decided to have a 'Roman Day'! The children firstly designed mosaics and later created them using small square tiles into some fantastic designs.

They also had the opportunity to create a Roman passport using Roman Numerals and letter, as well as get sticky and mucky by making some bread for our banquet later. 

Later in the afternoon, we had a Roman Day fashion show, in which the children got into groups of 5 or 6 and dressed up a model into fashionable soldiers or God and Goddesses. The best designed model and their fashion team got to sit at the grand table for our feast and picked a slave to serve them bread and grapes. 

Well done to Elsie, Karima, Humayd, George B and Mason from 4TS, and George J, Reece, Mariella, Ennis and Nikita from 4JI for their winning designs.

Overall, the children really enjoyed Roman Day!