Friday, 9 February 2018

Nursery and Pre Nursery - Chinese New Year food tastings and activities

Nursery/Pre nursery – Chinese New Year food tastings and CNY activities.

This week Nursery class engaged in a few food tastings of Chinese products including shrimp crackers, chrysanthemum tea and vegetable dumplings. The shrimp cracker was no doubt the most popular product of our Chinese food tasting where almost every child expressed interest to try it. Children were also really interested in the chrysanthemum flower tea and again we had a huge interest in wanting to taste it however although about half of those who tried it enjoyed it, the other half did not quite fancy it. Surprisingly many children refused to try the dumplings but of those who did try, most of them seemed to really enjoy it.


Shrimp cracker tasting…

Alfie – ‘tastes beautiful’

Ayman – ‘it is sweet’

Ellis - ‘tastes like croissant’

Joshua – ‘tastes like crisps’

Ronnie – ‘tastes like chips. Taste nice’

Summer – ‘delicious’

Chrysanthemum flower tea tasting…

Angela – ‘Yummy because its got flower in it’

Danny - ‘Smells like flowers’

Emilia – ‘Make me have big muscles’

Moses – ‘It taste of apples’


Dumpling tasting…

Aariel – ‘Good. Its got rice in it’

Erin - ‘tastes like cheese’

Jake – ‘Smells like fruit’

Joseph N – ‘Smells like chicken eggs’

Reuben – I like the inside bits’

Tomiwa – ‘It tastes peppery’


Along with Pre-Nursery, children worked together in a team to move around like dragons.

Pre nursery children demonstrated amazing chopstick skills in tasting various Chinese foods including noodles and crackers.