Thursday, 25 January 2018

3NL - Dragons Den!

To end our science topic on Forces and Magnets the class were set the task of designing their own innovative magnetic toy.
They were the then required to pitch their ideas to the Dragons - who were Multimillion Mr Bray and Dragon Lady Lacey!

The task was to :-

1.      Produce either a drawing of the magnetic toy, or the actual toy.

2.      Come up with a name for the toy and design a name and logo, identifying your target audience.   

3.      Design the packaging and consider the lifespan of the product – is it a novelty item that will only be popular for a short period, or could it have longevity?

4.      Produce a costing sheet, including how much it cost to make and the recommended retail price. It must also state how much money you want the Dragons to invest.

5.      Create an advert/poster for it to be displayed around the school.

The work produced was outstanding!
Myself and Mr Bray were blown away by the time and effort put into all of the designs.
All of the children were able to secure the investment they required and received a - 'I Convinced the Dragons' certificate.