Thursday, 23 November 2017

Reading Road / Book fair

Have you been reading at home? Have you been signing your diary? Have you moved around the reading road? Have you got to the gold trophy?

If you have come and visit Miss Staples on a Monday lunchtime and receive your prize. Yes you get prizes for reading!!!!

If you have been around the reading road once you will receive a bookmark!

If you have been around the reading road twice you will receive your very own BOOK!

3rd time - bookmark

4th time - BOOK!

and so on.....

Book fair

This year Suttons we will be holding a fabulous book fair where you can come and buy some brilliant books!!! It will be arriving on the 7th December and will be here until 13th December!

We are giving away have FIVE £5 vouchers for you to spend at the book fair! If you have been to see Miss Staples for the reading road your name will be entered into this raffle and you could WIN one of there £5 vouchers!

So please keep reading at home, signing your diary and if you visit Miss Staples on a MONDAY LUNCHTIME!!!

Here are some of the children who have been to visit Miss Staples to receive their reading road prize:



Happy reading!

P.S - Don't forget to read on bugclub!

Miss Staples