Friday, 20 October 2017

Pen power - Autumn 1

Congratulations to all the children who are received a pen licence this term. Children are presenting their work beautifully.

Year 6 - Katherine, Kerion A, Riley, Connor, Lexi RT, Winnie, Alex, Danielle, Banji, Baylie, Amanda, Olivia N, Shayan

Year 5:- Chichi, Rianna, Henry B, Daniel C, Teddy, Oliver, Olivia, Leona, Aaliyah, Vashika, Kaylie, Jadah, Gianluca, Henry J, Georgia, Darcie, Sophia, Daniel B, Yasmeenah, Chazelle, Chloe, Kasey, Jake, Ella

Year 4:- Adam, Nikita, Kevin, Laura, George J, Rory, Oliver, Erin, Teddie, Hemanth, Kristupas, Lillie, Darcie, Libby, Elliott, Ruqayya, Aikam, Mason, Thiago, Lyndon

Year 3:- Sophie, Ava, Cara, Joshua, Emma

Year2: Kaif, Isabella

Every month there will be a fountain pen raffle, all the children who have received a pen licence will have the opportunity to win a fountain pen.

Congratulation to the two children who won this half term,
Baylie P - Year 6

Georgia H - Year 5AK


 It is so inspiring to see the children working hard to receive their pens.

 Keep up the good penmanship Suttons!

Miss Staples