Monday, 15 May 2017

Year 6's Post-SATs Celebrations!

On Friday May 12th, year 6 celebrated the end of their SATs by taking a trip to the Harvester restaurant, and to Harrow Lodge Park!

After working their socks off for the past few months, Year 6 richly deserved a treat, and Suttons Primary School was happy and proud to take them for and all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet!

The most popular item on the menu was, by far, the American-style pancakes; these were washed down with liberal lashings of syrup! Many children ate fruit, as well as toast, cereal and crumpets, and we all enjoyed a glass of juice as well.


Our waitress for the morning was very impressed with Year 6’s behaviour – so much so, in fact, that she agreed to our filming her telling the class. We are extremely proud to show you this video of our kind Harvester waitress singing the praises of the Suttons Primary School Year 6 class 2017:

After we had eaten as much as we possibly could, and had finished helping to tidy away, we went to use the equipment at Harrow Lodge Park. Most of the boys were engaged in a high-intensity football match, while the others climbed as high as they could up the climbing-frame, or sought to empty their recently-filled tummies via the G-force exerted by the swings. Luckily nobody achieved this, and eventually we headed home with our stomachs full and our heads crammed with happy memories.

We at Suttons would like to thank the Harvester for accommodating us, the class for behaving so brilliantly, and most of all to all of the parents who have helped their children so much with revision, tough love, a lot of support and confidence-building. Thank you!