Monday, 7 November 2016

4MS- Science

Year 4 have been learning about the states of matter and towards the unit of the unit, we focused on water in the three states of matter. We learned about Evaporation and took part in an investigation. We wanted to test whether the location of a wet cloth will affect the rate at which the cloth dries. The same type of fabric was soaked and then placed at different parts of the classroom. We  discussed how we could ensure our investigation was a fair test. For example, all the fabrics had to weigh the same when soaked before starting the investigation.

However, we also discussed other factors that could affect the results. For example, how the cloth was placed (scrunched or spread out) and if we were to repeat the experiment, what would we do the same and different.

We discussed what Evaporation is and as it was a rainy day, we focused on one puddle in the playground and observed what happened to the puddle throughout the day. Where did the puddle go?

Which cloth do you think dried the quickest? Why?

                                                     The fabrics at their different locations!

The outline of our puddle- 'disappeared!'