Monday, 26 September 2016

Shaking Up Shakespeare with Year 6!

Shaking Up Shakespeare!


Year 6 were lucky enough to have the fabulous Anthony Glenn visit again, and he helped us put on a fantastic version of the bard’s immortal play, Romeo and Juliet!


We worked really hard to warm up and get into role; we had to think about the motivation of the characters we were playing, and how they might feel and react to different situations.


We also had a talent show half way through our time with Anthony, so that he could include some of our skills in the show!


Joel wowed us all with his fabulous piano playing, and Alex, Sachi and Jessica all sang beautifully (Alex with the support of Rocco, Reece, Zain and Deshawn), while Ella and Ruby provided percussion for Megan, Ellie-Mae, Millie and Sachi to sing over.



We had to concentrate really hard to remember our lines, as we only had few days to prepare for our performance. First, we showed the rest of the school our version of the play. Then, after coming back to school in the evening, we dimmed the lights and showed our parents, family and friends what we are made of!

Year 6 put on an incredible performance: it was funny, moving, full of fantastic music, and everyone left on a high! It just goes to show what amazing work we can produce when we put our minds to it!

Thanks again to Anthony Glenn for working so hard to get us ready (and for the chocolate!), and thank you to all our parents and guardians for your continued support!


Bravo Year 6!