Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Year 5’s Science at Sanders!

Year 5’s Science at Sanders!

Before Christmas, Year 5’s science lesson took place in the laboratories at Sanders Secondary School! Mrs Leppard at Sanders was kind enough to teach 5PM.

Our topic in Science lessons in the Autumn half-term was materials and their properties, and when we got to the lab, we discovered that we would be learning about reversible and irreversible changes.

The very first thing we discussed was safety; it is vital to be safe in a science laboratory, and we immediately put on safety goggles. Next, Mrs Leppard demonstrated what happens when you burn magnesium – it burns with an extremely bright flame!

Next, we had a safety talk; we made sure we knew how to use our equipment safely and sensibly, and what our tasks were going to be. We were going to be observing the effects of heating and burning materials.

First, we heated ice, and the result was that it melted! Eventually, after the ice turned to water, it evaporated as steam. This a reversible change, as you can always cool water vapour down again and make it water, and in turn you can cool it even further to turn it into ice.

Next, we burned a wooden splint, which turned into gas and charcoal; this is an irreversible change, as you can’t turn the charcoal and gas back into wood!

Finally, we melted chocolate. This was another reversible change, as heated chocolate becomes liquid, but you can cool it down and make it a solid again.

We had a really exciting time working in a real laboratory, and are very much looking to returning!