Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Year 6 At the Imperial War Museum!

Year 6 took a trip to the Imperial War Museum in central London last week!

We went to discover more about what life was like during the Second World War, which has been our topic this term.

We looked around the many and various exhibits, and saw everything from Spitfire planes and bombers, to ration books, a real-life Anderson shelter, many types of weapon, boats, and even a full-size V2 rocket!

We also had a very informative, and emotional, talk from two people who had lived through the experience of being evacuated. Mike and Lucy had very different experiences of evacuation; Mike spent the entirety of the war with one family, and he was able to see his family regularly. Lucy, however, moved through six different billets, and she and her sister were even separated from their brother.
It showed us how lucky we are to be living in peacetime.

We had a great day and learned an awful lot, thanks to Lucy and Mike!